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It is Mindful Monday and as we go through a challenging time in our country, I am reminded of how important it is to for women to become the strongest, healthiest most empowered beings possible. When our Health Coaching community, at times 600 plus hundred get together, we pledge to each other and to our clients, our communities and the world to help advance our collective well-being.
We know the transformation of our mind, bodies and spirits we have experienced in ourselves and our clients has been life changing and heart strengthening. Women have become empowered to change the way they nourish themselves, from what they choose to put in their bodies, how they choose to move their bodies, seeing the importance of self care and what is toxic in their lives. They know that in order to be the best for themselves, their families , their co-workers and their many other relationships, they also need to let go of what no longer feeds their new sense of self. They want to feel their best in every way. Women learn the life giving , spirit enhancing ways self empowerment can feed our souls. Through community, support and accountability, we help each other grow in ways that give us our greatest sense of being whole. We learn that Being is more powerful than Doing because who we are in the world permeates everything we say and do. The importance of the simple breath keeps us in check, mindful, calm, giving us the ability to not only change reactions to reframing, it empowers us to Be the Change We Want to See in the World. We are in the middle of a giant shift for mankind and it begins with each one of us to be the best version of ourselves. I am grateful to all the coaching and coaches who have helped me see the potential in me so that I may see the potential of all those I can help empower. Yes, it does take a village, and together we can make the world a place we all want to Be in. “ You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”. cOMe hOMe.

Happy Aloha Friday Everyone!
As you know, Aloha Friday has always been about connection to your mind, body and spirit. As we on the East Coast have bid Aloha to the long , warm and beautiful days of summer, we begin to enjoy the colorful, cool and brilliant days of a New England Fall. Yes, we will have apple cider donuts, pumpkin lattes and warm crackling fires but first, an easy 14 Day cleanse to reset my body from summer indulgences and feel a little cleaner, a little lighter and rethink my habits in a different way. Life and food are full of yumminess and we GET to enjoy them all especially when they nourish us in the best way. If you are interested in joining my group cleanse starting Tuesday, October 2, send me a message and I will add you in. It is a 21 Day Cleanse, the first week being our prep and wean week before we start the actual week long cleanse. Week 2 is the cleanse, and Week 3 is the adding back in whatever you have decided to live without for the week, ie, caffeine, dairy, gluten, sugar, alcohol, nightshades, etc. It is a wonderful experiment to see how your body, mind and spirit reacts to certain foods. One of my favorite paradigms, How you do One thing, is How you do Everything rises up in this cleanse. Can we let go of habits we have or do without even thinking? Some people have had a couple of cups of coffee each morning for 40 years. They may continue after the cleanse with none or one cup but some feel AMAZING without it. Each of us is different in how we feel. The main goal is to try something new and be curious about how our habits affect us and whether we really need to change them. Cleansing our bodies is only one part of rebooting ourselves. Removing toxicity in our environments, relationships and routines can open us up to feeling lighter, freer, more in tune with what makes us feel good. What would you like to cleanse from right now? As we start a new season, be curious how you can start anew as well. Connect with your body, mind and soul and see what new possibilities can arise in your life. Join us for a fun, supportive reset and learn how you can be your best self ever! Have a great weekend!

Good Mindful Monday Morning to you!   

Mindful Mondays have always been about setting an intention for the week ahead, looking at a small goal you would like to achieve that will affect or connect your mind, body or spirit. This week, as those of us begin to prepare for a Fall Body Reset and Reboot Cleanse, why not set the intention to begin letting go of a food habit, a time robbing habit or a spirit sucking habit? Take an action step to replace these with nourishing habits instead; start weaning yourself off of caffeine, have a glass of wine every other day instead of every day, remove a calendar activity that does not serve your nourishment purpose and replace it with time for a quiet walk, a meditation, or a call to a friend. Cleansing our bodies seasonally goes beyond eliminating certain foods that may be slowing down our energy or adding on bloat. Letting go of whatever is not serving our well-being is part of connecting to our physical, mental and spiritual needs as well. When we become more aware of how, when, what and why we eat and nourish ourselves, we also begin to notice what else in our life may calling for better nourishment. Experimenting with a reset cleanse can be eye opening in so many ways and I invite you to try it and discover how simply planning and eating whole foods can make way for a more energized you, a you that is reminded of self care and self love. It opens up possibilities for a more nourishing and healthy lifestyle, one that feeds our minds and spirits as well our bodies. The FALL ReSet and ReBoot Cleanse begins on October 2. Join us and see for yourself how a simple reboot for 14 days can energize you, lighten you and change some habits that slow you down or keep you from feeling your best self. Simply PM me for more info. You are worth it! Have a great Monday and a great week! Aloha!