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February 24, 2014

The View from a Treehouse

The Animal Planet channel offers a show, Treehouse Masters,  that not only embodies total joy but is also a beautiful example of mindful living.  Being in a treehouse high above the canopies of sister trees allows you to view the world from a higher and bigger perspective. It is a metaphor for being mindful of the larger picture of your life.  What are the distractions in your everyday life that keep you from being mindful of the bigger picture of a joyous life? These diversions from your legacy path also keep you from seeing what else is possible.  Being able to visualize the possibility of a space between big beautiful trees brings to mind (pun intended) the question, what is my intention or plan for rising above the mindless diversions that keep me from experiencing total joy? Can you put down the iPad, laptop, turn off the cell phone, let go of everyday annoyances and breathe in the possibility of a living legacy? Let this Mindful Monday allow you to see the distractions that may be holding you back from imagining the big picture.  In your mind’s eye, see yourself  in a treehouse above the clutter and noise where you can view the life you’ve always dreamed of.   Let Pete Nelson, the Treehouse Master, mindfully remind you to say, “Yes” to life!

February 21, 2014

Proud Moments

Happy Aloha Friday everyone!
As the world gets ready for the Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics, I always look forward to the recap of the moments of total relief, joy and sometimes anguish that accompanies disappointment. However, to see the culmination of years, sometimes decades end with the capture of a circle of gold makes my heart swell. It’s as though they are all my kids and I cry like I have been through their hard work and determination with them. Call it empathy, call it sympathy at times but it really is the feeling of aloha spirit that connects us all. We feel what lies behind the tears, the hugs, the hands lifted upward in a prayer of gratitude. Let the closing ceremonies this weekend, while being a metaphor for the end of one event and the anticipation of another, bring you to a mindful moment of pride, joy and gratitude for the all the gold medals or leis of aloha that have been bestowed upon you. As we congratulate the athletes and celebrate their achievements, what are you most proud of in yourself? Have a mindful Aloha Friday!

February 17, 2014

Peaceful Snow

Mindful Monday
Looking outside in the silence of nightfall after yet another snow, the stillness and the beauty of a pure white blanketing that covers nature and man brings us to a place of awe.  Take a moment to pause today and notice how nature teaches us to be mindful of the moment.  Do you see a beautiful tree branch bending down to kiss the earth, hear a song from a bird or perhaps see the sun shining on a field, glistening from fresh snow? Take a moment to breathe in the peace that lives here.