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Happy Aloha Friday everyone!
      This Aloha Friday,  take a  look and listen to the music of your childhood, your culture and what binds you to your spirit. The connection I have to my Hawaiian culture abounds with the lilting voices of song, the beat of the ipo or gourd, the sound of the slack key guitar and the visual dance of hula. Listening to  Hawaiian music takes me  back to my roots, caresses me, soothes my soul, and lifts my spirit. This special Aloha Friday, I will don my Aloha wear, no matter the temperature here on the East Coast and see and hear one of Hawaii’s popular contemporary Hawaiian groups, HAPA, in concert, LIVE. You many listen to one of their songs from uTube by clicking on the link.
 What song or music of your past will you listen to today? While taking you back, allow it to bring you to the present, connecting it with your heart and spirit. Listen for and feel how the music can gift your soul.  Aloha. 

It seems as though I am surrounded by mindful messages lately.  First, my son texts me to watch About Time which I immediately found on Demand and watched while in Vermont. This precious movie was not just another love story although there is an adorable one within it.  The more important message was about living each moment in the present and if you had a chance to do it over, you would do the very same thing. It portrays mindfulness  as the ultimate way  in attaining a joyful life.  Secondly, this week  I  watched Nebraska, one of the Oscar nominated movies this year.  Although not about mindfulness, the message clearly spoke to making a life one of integrity and love even in ways not usually seen as such.  There were many things the son never knew about his father that not only were endearing, they would ultimately enhance his Dad’s legacy as well as his own.  Again, a precious movie that leaves you feeling heart-full.  Thirdly, I was given a book to read while visiting my son and daughter -in-law, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami. The first chapter begins with the mindful experience of running and where is he?  In Hanalei, Kauai where I will be in less than two weeks.  Serendipity?  Mindful path?  Paying attention or Living by intention?  Anyway you put it, I feel an increased awareness of being on a path that keeps me mindful of the choices I make, ones that I wouldn’t want to “do over”.  And if I do, let  it  be one to learn a life lesson.  So for this Mindful Monday,  set the intention to live out this week in “one take”.  If you have to go back and redo any moments to make it less stressful, less anxiety provoking, less reactive and more loving, kind, or compassionate,  notice how if might affect the rest of your week.  Be aware of any messages that may connect the  dots on your path . It might just make your life all that more mindfully joyous!

February 28, 2014

Family Heartstrings

Happy Aloha Friday everyone! Today as always, is a day to connect our aloha spirit with something that makes your heart sing, soothe your soul and lift your spirits as well as those of others. I am on my way to my grand-daughter this morning and between that sweet face and the smiles and laughter that erupt from my son and his beautiful wife on an hourly basis, my heart overfloweth with joy. Make your own connection today and Have a fabulous Aloha Friday to kick off the weekend! P. S. For those of us in the path of the next late winter storm, Punxsutawney Phil, you better hide. My aloha shirt is looking pretty silly over my long underwear…