My website name, cOMe hOMe to OM is a metaphor for creating peaceful meditative states in the mind that feed the soul, our true “home”.  Centering yourself with three OM’s creates a vibration and frequency that brings you into a sacred space. Creating mindful places within and in our outside world is a way to give ourselves healing spaces to rest,  relax and restore.  The Mindful Monday and Aloha Friday blog was inspired by the Mindfulness Revolution that seems to permeate every venue these days. The start of the week is a good time to set an intention for a good week and to choose something from our everyday lives to inspire, create joy and be mindful of.  The end of the week caps off with Aloha Friday, a day to celebrate the week and start a great weekend.  The blog reminds us to use this day to connect to our spirit and/or to a loved one, be they close by or far away.