only-prayerGood Thanksgiving Eve  everyone!  As we all get busy with our holiday eve preparations and plans with family and friends,  try to stop, take a breath and be mindful of the true meaning of Thanksgiving.   I for one, am grateful for all that makes me feel whole.  I am thankful for all the family, friends, colleagues, Facebook friends, mentors and soul brothers and sisters that are healers in my life.  For those who know me, I have written many times about the healing ways of the world and the opportunity that exists for everyone to be a healer.  There isn’t a business, place,  profession or person that does not hold the ability to spread Aloha spirit, share loving kindness and help each other to feel whole.  Healing happens when one is treated with love, respect, kindness and gratitude. There are many in healthcare that have forgotten what healing is and there are many who may offer their health services but are not healers.  Treating your friends, colleagues, businesses, pets and family members  is no different than giving patients the love and attention they need to heal.  The stresses of work, relationships and life try to keep us from knowing why we are here, to love and be loved.  So simple but so powerful.  This Thanksgiving, bring your awareness to your healing capacity to others.  Saying a kind word, smiling at a stranger, giving hugs, respecting each other and showing gratitude for their contributions, and being mindful of how and what you say to others can be the most powerful medicine in the world.  We are all healers.  Make someone’s day this week, say Thank You as much as you can. ” If the only prayer you ever say is Thank You, it will be enough”.  Have a wonderful, beautiful healing holiday!