Happy Aloha Friday everyone! April is being true to it’s reputation and showering us with a little rain that has greened the grass and sprouted more daffodils this week. The forsythia is just about to bloom, a reminder of my son’s birth week. He arrived a few weeks early and we stayed in the hospital for a week together as he sunbathed under bili lights for a few days. My husband brought me forsythia from our yard and it has been the beautiful reminder of new life and new beginnings ever since.
Spring is such a great time to think about new beginnings and how we are reminded of rebirth and renewal. It is a time to break free from winter blues and burst forth, creating new healthy habits that lighten us physically, mindfully and spiritually. What can you let go of to lighten your life? Declutter your house? I have been Marie Kondoing several areas of my house lately, so much more to go. I have been decluttering my mind lately, listening to some meditations to slow down and quiet my mind, allowing new ideas and creativity to flow in, I am lightening up my food intake, moving my body more as the weather warms the air and losing a pound or two. Looks like I will be getting a new hip this summer as well after a year and a half of therapies and pain and MRIs. After some thoughts of Oh My have I reached THAT age already, I have accepted it and know I will be so much MORE active once it is done. No one in my family had arthritic hips and I wondered why it was happening to me?
I have always been active, not exactly an athlete, but I have always enjoyed walking, skiing, biking, taught aerobics in the 80’s, did dance aerobics for years, etc. etc. Maybe it was those step classes! Haha! For those of you who have bodies that can bend, step, run , dance, hike and bike, say a prayer of gratitude for them. I watched a Rachel Hollis documentary where the audience was asked several yes and no questions on paper, one being, “Do you hate the way you look?” Hundreds of women stood up to YES. How disturbing is that? Our bodies that multi-task everyday, feeding our cells, boosting our immunity, healing and seeking homeostasis every single minute. How could we hate that? Turning hate into LOVE will fill our bodies with the NURTURING it needs, fill our MINDS with the words it needs and our SPIRITS the connection it requires to feel JOY. Pay attention to how you talk to yourself and your body, it listens and responds accordingly. Try saying a prayer of gratitude to your body and ALL its’ parts for working so hard to keep you healthy. After reading about Masuru Emoto’s work on water, showing the effect of words on drops of water or rice in a jar, I wanted to write LOVE all over my body. I have been sending love and gratitude to my hip lately, thanking it for all the support it has given me for decades. The pain is less so who knows? The point is, what we say and feel about our bodies is important to our well-being.
On this Aloha Friday, what part of your body can you connect to and give love and gratitude to? Your spirit will lift, you will feel lighter and your body will respond in kind. Your body is a gift, open it today and say MAHALO for its wondrous ability to keep you well and whole. Begin a new habit of lightening up and feel what it is like to sprout fresh new ideas for you that can spring you forward. What healthy way of being can you give birth to? Have a great Spring weekend! Aloha.