Happy Aloha Friday everyone! Hard to believe the end of January is around the corner and this is in fact the last Aloha Friday of the month!
Last year, I predicted 2018 to be the Year of the Woman and Empowerment and indeed it did not disappoint. Instead of resoluti
ons this new year, I have borrowed the title from Michelle Obama’s new book and have declared 2019 the year of BecOMing the Best Version of Yourself! As we focus on self-care and the tremendous energy that has been released through empowerment and self-awareness, we are ready to RISE UP and continue the rEvolution of Health and Well-Being in our personal and professional lives.
As we explore this theme of BecOMing ( and I capitalize OM as it appears in the name of my coaching business, cOMe hOMe to O
M, as it represents cOMing hOMe to our center, our soul guide), I will choose a theme for the month as it pertains to the calendar and our own growth cycle throughout the year.
February is Heart Awareness Month and I will be talking about the four quadrants of the Heart represented by the physical, the emotional, the mindful and the spiritual aspects of our life sustaining organ. There are new ideas regarding heart disease, it’s cause and how to prevent it. We will look at new and old ways to heal the heart and how to keep ourselves strong and healthy by loving ourselves more and honoring the inner wisdom that always has our Well-Being at heart. (pun intended).
Aloha Fridays are about connecting to something from our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. As we say Aloha to the first month of the year, let go of the harsh self imposed resolutions you might have made and focus on connecting to who we are BecOMing instead. Every tiny habit change you make ripples out to affect others and it enhances the Health and Well-being rEvolution. Have a great weekend and look for next week’s Aloha Friday Heart Month Celebration! Make it a good one, Aloha!