It is Aloha Friday my friends and we continue the conversation of becOMing our best selves as the way to ultimate Well-Being. I have been part of the midwifery to the birth of a new consciousness, helping others see that being true to themselves fuels the joy of feeling whole and being hOMe.
Starting a new year gives us a chance to begin again, to clear the clutter of the holiday stress that has left our inner and outer spaces heavier than usual. Putting away holiday decorations, I am aware of how cleansing it can be to not reclutter the now empty areas , how I can allow the shelves and mantels to reflect calm instead of clutter. I can choose objects that make me relax, laugh or remind me of the love of family and friends. My pantry is emptied of tempting treats leftover from the December revelry. January is a great month to start a whole food cleanse lose a couple of holiday pounds and feed my body the fuel and energy it needs to keep me fortified for winter.
I begin to go deeper inward, reading and studying, planning how to share what I have learned about living well, the grief of losing a loved one reinforcing the fact that life is all too short, that there is no time like the present, that all we have is NOW. The need to serve myself and others in this time of great trepidation, fear, sadness and anxiety is accelerating. Our world is unrecognizable at times and our attention to the constant chaos drains us of energy and fuels our discontent. How we choose to restore our own sense of homeostasis, fun, joy and well-being is a testament to our resiliency and intention. It is a practice, this state of well-being. Ask yourself, what is ONE thing I can do today that will enhance my life? What are you waiting for? If there is anything you want to change, what ONE action step could you take to bring you forward? Remember, the rEVOLution of becOMing is here. When one of us makes a change, it pebbles out in waves, affecting others as well. It is part of becOMing whole.
On this Aloha Friday, make the connection from your heart’s desires to the action step that can lead you to living your best life. Until next time, Aloha