Good Mindful Monday Morning to you!   

Mindful Mondays have always been about setting an intention for the week ahead, looking at a small goal you would like to achieve that will affect or connect your mind, body or spirit. This week, as those of us begin to prepare for a Fall Body Reset and Reboot Cleanse, why not set the intention to begin letting go of a food habit, a time robbing habit or a spirit sucking habit? Take an action step to replace these with nourishing habits instead; start weaning yourself off of caffeine, have a glass of wine every other day instead of every day, remove a calendar activity that does not serve your nourishment purpose and replace it with time for a quiet walk, a meditation, or a call to a friend. Cleansing our bodies seasonally goes beyond eliminating certain foods that may be slowing down our energy or adding on bloat. Letting go of whatever is not serving our well-being is part of connecting to our physical, mental and spiritual needs as well. When we become more aware of how, when, what and why we eat and nourish ourselves, we also begin to notice what else in our life may calling for better nourishment. Experimenting with a reset cleanse can be eye opening in so many ways and I invite you to try it and discover how simply planning and eating whole foods can make way for a more energized you, a you that is reminded of self care and self love. It opens up possibilities for a more nourishing and healthy lifestyle, one that feeds our minds and spirits as well our bodies. The FALL ReSet and ReBoot Cleanse begins on October 2. Join us and see for yourself how a simple reboot for 14 days can energize you, lighten you and change some habits that slow you down or keep you from feeling your best self. Simply PM me for more info. You are worth it! Have a great Monday and a great week! Aloha!