Happy Spring on this Mindful Monday everyone!
We are quickly closing out the wintery month of April here in the Northeast and today feels like Spring has finally sprung! For this Hawaiian girl, even spending a month in Hawaii in March wasn’t enough to quell the desire for warmth, sun and flowers!
May Day is approaching and in Hawaii we celebrate it with wearing Aloha wear and leis, flowers in our hair and celebrating the beauty of island life. Here in town, we have May festivals to shepherd in Spring, being outside, getting our hands in dirt and adorning ourselves with flowers in our hair. This May, I will be talking about the renewal of wellness , turning May into the Way to Well-Being! We are shedding our winter weight, physically, emotionally and psychologically to become lighter. WE let go of the heaviness that has weighed on our bodies and our minds and we can focus on lightening up our food choices, getting more movement in now that we can go outside more, and letting go of all the things that have slowed us down from feeling our best. I for one have been slowed down from chronic and long term pain in my shoulder and my hip. Things are getting better and I have walked through the discomfort, stretched more, started weight training with baby weights and YES! I feel better already. Then I glance down as I sit and notice, what is THAT extra bulge? SO …adding a bit more Pilates to my workout! So you see, even a Health Coach has goals for improving wellness. I also hired a Coach myself to help move me forward in my own goals.
For the month of May, I will be addressing the Way to Wellness, looking at all the ways we can nourish ourselves to feel our best. We will talk about food choices, activity choices, movement, social support and stress management . It will be from my formal program of Writing Your Own Rx for Health and Wellness. Ah, such a great Way to begin a new season, to lighten up, have fun, get outside and get energized! So stay tuned and I will see you next week, with my ever present flower in my hair! Aloha, have a great week!