Hula girl jackolanternHappy Halloween everyone!  Tonite goblins, ghosts, witches and super-heroes will knock on doors for goodies, all having fun being someone or something else. Costume wearing got me thinking about how we can all be actors as we dress up in crazy outfits once in awhile.  It gives us a chance to play, pretend and be another entity, escaping from our real selves.  Reminds me of the multiple personality syndrome where one person exhibits several different personalities, at times each having different physical abilities or disease processes.  How can your body be diabetic in one personality but not in another? Can wearing a costume be a source of healing for us?  If research on facial expressions and correlating bloodwork can reveal what we do on the outside can affect us inside, what kind of person could we be that would heal our insides? To be someone who personifies freedom, fun, laughter and well-being might be a hidden Halloween gift we can all give to ourselves.  Who in your fantasies, storytellings, book characters or real heroes would you think optimize the best you could be?  Dress up as one of them, tonite and more often if you need to and FEEL what it is like to be a healthy whole being! Sounds like a fun way to prescribe treatment to me.  It would be a Halloween connection to our inner doctor. How about it? Have a fun and safe evening and enjoy the little ones but think of what costume you could render up to feel the best you can be! Exercise your inner Aloha spirit, today and everyday.  Have a great evening! With a Halloween Hug,  Hulaween Girl