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It is Mindful Monday everyone and yesterday I watched a Super Soul Sunday where Oprah was interviewing Jeff Weiner, former owner of Linked In, now CEO. Listening to this brilliant executive whose primary focus in business is mindfulness and compassion, he knows that in order for a company to become not only a wonderful and productive place to work, it is a place where you inspire others to be better by example. The one sentence that really characterized Weiner was, “ I love going to work every day and I love coming home every night”. My now retired husband lived a similar way so I related this to him and he said, “ I liked going to work every day, but I LOVED coming home every night. Wow. Of course I know his family always came first. Even when he was on call every other night, he was home for dinner, bathed the babies, and together we put them to bed. This is what life should be; practicing compassion while serving others in a job we like/love and coming hOMe to a place of gratitude and appreciation, even if you live alone.
A practice of compassion and mindful living starts with self-love and self-compassion.   When we learn to honor and take care of ourselves, from our physical bodies to our minds and spirits, we can then serve others in the most compassionate way. We can help others becOMe who they have always been, by nurturing their intuitiveness and coaching them to find their own truth, enabling their continued growth and evolution. Most of us fear change to such a degree that it paralyzes us to move toward the exact thing that will make us grow. A coach gives us baby steps, building courage and confidence in a compassionate way that helps us find our way to what we truly desire. Together they can mindfully navigate the ways that have blocked you or prevented you from practicing the self-compassion one needs to live the life they desire and deserve.   Imagine waking up each day with the anticipation of being in the life you designed and every evening being filled with gratitude for what you have and what lies ahead.
On this Mindful Monday, whether you are working or retired, can you set the intention to do something you love every day? Take care to serve yourself, then others, so tonight at the end of the day, you can say, “ I love cOMing hOMe.” Aloha.