Woman-LeapingHappy Leap Day on this Mindful Monday morning! Today only comes around every four years so it sets itself apart from our usual calendars.  This special addition to the year allows us a extra day to pause and be mindfully grateful.  We can use the metaphor of this leaping image to set a new intention for the week and/or year. This past weekend I attended an Integrative Healthcare Symposium where researchers in the fields of Functional Medicine shared with us how the paradigm of treating the Whole patient has taken a leap forward in treating the unwell.  New research in genetics, epigenetics and the microbiome in our guts are showing enormous healing, especially in chronic conditions such as Cancers, Cardiovascular disease, Alzheimers, Autism, Hormonal Disorders, Diabetes, IBS, Crohns, Gerd, Chronic Fatigue and on and on. And the wondrous, amazing, cheap treatment for all of these is….FOOD! Yes, REAL FOOD continues to be the best medicine to heal our guts and many of the conditions that have turned into chronic multi-symptom states of unbalanced health.  Food is the code that can drive our genetic expression to heal or hinder us. Every bite we “GET” to put into our bodies communicates to every cell within us. It is pretty amazing to think we can control our diet to “talk” our cells into reducing inflammation and designing the beautiful environmental hOMe it needs to thrive! What a leap! Empowering ourselves to reverse the effects of antibiotics, sugar, junk food, smoking, sedentary lifestyles and disconnection to our bodies can be done by FOOD! Imagine that.  Prebiotics and Probiotics can help first by healing the gut that in turn can communicate with neurons and hormones that affect every function in our bodies. Combining the healing power of foods and supplements with social and spiritual support, exercise and movement, good sleep and relaxation can enhance our whole being.  We have the power to LEAP into our best selves. What will you jump into this week to set the intention of a healthier YOU? Feed your body and your soul with what it craves to tell you. Make it a great week. Aloha.