TiskGood Mindful Monday morning everyone! This past weekend America celebrated her Independence Day with picnics, parades, boat rides, art shows, beach festivals and of course …FIREWORKS! What is it about watching these brilliant light shows of galactic proportions and color that stir us to total glee? No matter where or what age you are, you are transported back to when you first saw fireworks as a child and every time you see them again, you are brought back to that day, when something so huge outside the normal  everyday experience made you yourself explode with awe.  Perhaps the fact that  fireworks are used in celebration of rare special events, mostly New Years and the Fourth of July in our country, we plan ahead and look forward to the  fleeting minutes the displays provide for us, forcing us to be in the moment so as not to miss a single burst of light.  We feel like kids again watching something for the very first time. No matter how many times you have seen them, year after year, you see them through new eyes.  The music whether patriotic in theme or set to the latest Katy Perry song (how can you not play, Baby, You’re a Firework?) sets off emotions as well, reminding you of either the pride you feel for your country or a moment in time that made your heart swell.  Pretty wonderful feeling right?  Why is it we only allow ourselves to be in awe so rarely? Life itself is awe-inspiring every day.  It may not be a giant visual firework that opens our eyes but we can train our minds to be present and see the celebration in life’s everyday moments.  For this Mindful Monday, set the intention this week to look at something you might see or feel everyday and look at it with new eyes. Take mindful notice of the beauty of summer’s brilliant colors, the sunrises or sunsets, the smell of fresh mint in your tea, church bells ringing as a new bride and groom emerge embarking on a new life together or listen for the familiar tune of the ice cream man as he slowly moves up the street. Every season and every moment gives cause for a little celebration. Breathing is enough to be part of a joyous minute. Whatever you see or do, make it a mindful moment of awe, a mini-firework and let it remind you of the oohs and ahhs that make us feel so glorious!  Why wait for New Year’s? The time is now. Have a week that goes  “Boom Boom Boom“!