Our wedding photoGood Mindful Monday Morning everyone! Yesterday was the 34th wedding anniversary for my husband and I.  The entire weekend was spent mindfully present in a sort of reverence of what we have experienced together all these years.  We looked back on the wedding day itself, a day unlike yesterday, clear skies, warm sun and filled with family and close friends.  We had a do it yourself backyard wedding where  family members planned and worked to create the most special memory.  It was  a unique wedding held in the old ship building town of Noank, a small New England yankee and seafaring village. The ceremony would take place in the garden we cultivated at our rental house. It would be a beautiful mixture of traditions, Jewish and Hawaiian with a chuppah made with love by my family,  a structure built and filled with greens and flowers from Hawaii.  My dad would lead me out through two plumeria kahilis, made by my mother and my aunt with flowers brought from Hawaii.  A small swimming pool was bedecked with antherium arrangements, tied down with old antique irons that would forever be etched in the bottom of the liner.  An old wheelbarrow was painted by my brother-in-law and filled with phlox from our yard.  The wedding cake was beautifully  made by my sister and decorated with orchids.  Traditional Jewish  food from the dairy menu which included fish and cream cheeses and veggies galore was served under a yellow and white striped tent next to our newly planted vegetable garden.  My best friend from sixth grade sang the Hawaiian Wedding Song and then on the stage my brother-in-law built, I would dance my wedding hula for my beloved. Reminiscing yesterday, my husband noted it was a mindful event, filled with intentional tradition and created with so much aloha.  He reminded me as well in his card, that we have been mindful of our time together, slowing down the time by being present as much as possible through all our milestones without rushing through one stage or another and looking too fast into the future. We continue to take as many mindful moments as possible at a slow pace, savoring and taking in the joy and love we have been so lucky to know all these years. For this Mindful Monday, let’s set the intention to slow down this week.  Life moves fast enough, take a breath and fill a moment with mindful appreciation and gratitude. Make it a great and mindful week, filled with aloha!