Intention ExperimentIt is Mindful Monday everyone! Last month I wrote about Lynne McTaggart’s Intention Experiment and my participation in this global collaboration of intention healing. This past Saturday, she revealed the results of our intention on Mark Voss who has been suffering from PTSD.  A  veteran of two wars, Mark has experienced nightmares every night, daily stress that keeps him from finding a job and living a normal happy life.  We set an intention of decreasing his stress as marked by the increase in alpha waves at least 25 % and seeing him being happy, healthy and well in every way.  This experiment has some fascinating results.  Mark upon starting the experiment thought he heard that he was the one chosen for the double blind study. There is no way he could have heard this, being several closed doors away from the computer broadcasting the instructions that was OFFLINE at the time! Whether he heard his name telepathically or not, he felt he was the chosen person and felt shame at knowing this.  His EEG and scan results would show his emotional moments of shame but as the ten minutes continued, his brain calmed and definitely increased alpha. After the experiment, he continued to feel calm, his nightmares  have gone away, his daily life experience has changed for the better and he is feeling much less anxious.  After there results were discussed,  we again  set an intention to heal only this time it was for the other person not chosen last month.  Whether Mark’s knowledge  of being chosen could be factored in as a placebo variable or not, the results were astonishing.  There are many studies of the power of intention and the power of prayer but the scientific findings for this experiment carries a lot of quantum weight. The implications for thoughts, love and energy sent as an intention for any good in the world is powerful.  It need not be from masses of collective energy;  any intention even individually can help another.  However,  small groups of intention may have profound results.  For this week’s Mindful Monday intention, I invite you to try an intention of healing, whether it be for someone’s mental, emotional, spiritual or physical healing. Think about creating a small group that chooses someone each month to be the recipient. We all have access to people who could use our help in our local or global communities.  Be mindful of your intentions and have a wonderful week!