MorganGood Mindful Monday Morning everyone!  This past weekend, we here in Mystic were honored and  proud to witness the last wooden whaling ship, the Charles W. Morgan, leave it’s port at Mystic Seaport after a six-year, multi-million dollar restoration.  Since 1941 when it arrived,  it has not been at sea.  To see her masts stand taller than our beloved bascule bridge as it passed through was magnificent and all of us were covered in goose bumps! She now will be fitted with ballasts and sails and ready herself for a historic voyage up the coast of New England visiting Newport, Boston, Providence and her “berth” town of New Bedford .

Living in a tourist destination town has some people grumbling about the crowds, the lack of parking, the bridge going up every hour or as needed in the summer so you are “stuck at the bridge”.  I happen to love sharing the beauty and charm of this historic seaport town. It makes me happy to see others come to enjoy what we take for granted.  How many of us have lived here for maybe decades and never once stepped foot on this magnificent vessel docked along our Mystic River?  Having children and guests have usually been the motivation for visiting the Seaport and we have partaken in many activities there over the years but I wish I had been more mindful of the restoration project and visited more often.  We also live in the submarine capital of the world and I have yet to climb down into a sub.  How many of us live with amazing historic sights, museums, landscapes, etc. and have yet to visit them ourselves because they are right in our backyard? Gave me reason to ponder;  could we be more mindful of what our local towns, cities, states and country have to offer?  In addition, could it be a metaphor for ignoring a certain state of mind, body, or spirit that we take for granted? Have we visited our inner resources of immense power lately?  Taken them out, dusted them off or even given them a renovation of their own? I am talking healing with food, exercise, love, family, friends and energy.  Visit all those muscles of the soul I have mentioned before that need exercise as well;  kindness, compassion, humor, integrity, love, intuition, connection, awareness, mindfulness and more.  They all reside inside the wonderful town of YOU.  Visit them often and show them gratitude.  Take them out and show them your own local tourist spots and share in the joy others come from miles to see.  Let’s set the intention to see something local and new to us and visit a site within us that has been ignored too long.  Make it a mindful wonderful week! Aloha!