healing loveGood Mindful Monday Morning everyone!
Interesting events over the weekend have given me pause.  In the mind/body/spirit awareness camp of the Wellness continuum, we have all learned how emotional, mental or spiritual pain or angst can manifest in physical pain.  Knowing this and being mindful of it are two different things.  When we get a headache or a backache or even have an accident or fall, we take our usual anti-inflammatory treatments of pills, lotions, pellets, ice, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic or whatever you choose to help heal your pain.  Sometimes it is instantly effective, other times it becomes a long process.  An experience over this past week made me muse over an aspect of pain that I had forgotten.  A friend’s parent had passed away last week.  Although elderly, her sudden demise was unexpected and shocking to the family. Her husband, who had been the needier of the two and employed a part-time caregiver on his behalf, has had some dementia and although knows and remembers his spouse has passed, is unable to express deep emotion in the way we are all most familiar.  On the second night after his wife’s passing, upon exiting his son’s house, he fell and broke his hip.  The extreme pain that accompanied this fall was not only felt by this now sole Patriarchal head of the family, it was felt by the entire family.  It not only became a distraction amongst the bereaved, it lessened the emotional pain that accompanies grief. The whole situation made me think, do we unconsciously take on physical pain to relieve the emotional, mental and spiritual pain of others we love? Accidents are at times not accidents. Some would argue, there are NEVER accidents.  They say there is a reason for everything.  In this case, did Dad  accidentally and unconsciously fall in order to really feel physical pain not only for himself but for his entire family as well? It has been an interesting observation.  Dad has made it through surgery and is doing well and is surrounded by his entire family, some of whom have traveled across country to be together in grief and remembrance.  He has reveled in the attention and his family has been more than exuberantly happy to be at his side.  His  feelings of loss may lie deep in his core, but Dad has brought the family together once thought to be in mourning, now turned into cheerleading  and healing modes, expressing the love, care, smiles and laughter that will speed his recovery.  Will grief be delayed? Most likely, like everyone who has a loss, there will be good days and sad days.  For now, the family is focused on life and their father’s healing.  For this Mindful Monday, can you think of a time when you took on someone’s emotional pain for them?  Or perhaps illicited a pain to mask your own feelings of fear, sadness, grief, disappointment, etc.?  This week, allow yourself to be mindful of any physical pain you might experience and ask yourself,  “Is there something else going on that is contributing to my discomfort? Are those close to me expressing any pain for me?” Let’s make an intention to observe ourselves and others in times of pain and grief and mindfully send love and healing to ourselves and others. Have a mindful week!