It is Mindful Monday everyone and today is also the Boston Marathon! It is a spectacular Spring day today, abundant sun and mild temperatures and here in New England we are especially Boston Strong as scores of runners take to the streets and over a million cheerleaders are at their sides and “have their backs”.  No one will forget the horror that took over Boston after the marathon finish line bombing last year.  Most of us here have either lived in Boston for a time, went to college or have children that have gone to school there. This is true all around for our family. We have all lived in Boston, run its’ streets, worked its’ hospitals, learned in its’ classrooms and now manage some of its’ restaurants. We are connected to Boston deeply in many ways. Last year during the shutdown, our daughter was caught right in the middle of the police chase near MIT on her way home from work.  Once home, she was terrified and did not sleep all night.  We had several sleepless nights ourselves worried about her and were relieved when she was able to leave the city during lockdown.  Today, we are all Boston Stronger.  Resilience is a muscle of our soul that has takes its strength from the recovery of tragedies everywhere , whether it is from our own experiences or those felt by anyone on the planet.  Watching survivors of the bombing running with bionic legs today will be a mindful way of strengthening our resilience.  Boston has come back and so have we.  It has reminded us no matter what challenge is thrown our way, we can become wiser, more empathic, kinder, more loving and STRONGER.  So for this Mindful Monday, watch a little of the marathon today and set the intention to be more resilient.  Let the energy and power of the this great city remind you of your ability to bounce back from adversity, tragedy or any challenge life gives you.  Today, place yourself among the runners, be with them in spirit and be BOSTON STRONG!