Leilani joy!It is Mindful Monday everyone and this is why my prior idea for a blog today went out the window;  as I was saying goodbye to my sweet grand-daughter of 9 months prior to leaving for the airport, she reached out for me for the first time FROM her MOTHER’s arms!  I completely melted in the moment and tears of joy and gratitude came bursting out as I held her tight and felt the rapture only  grandmother’s can know.  I just stood there with her arms wrapped around me, savoring, and while it was one of many mindful moments I had over the weekend,  it took top prize.  There is nothing else on your mind when love is so present as it was for me in that moment.  We all have celebrated many little “firsts” with her over the past few months but I will cherish that “first” hug for Tutu forever.  So for this Mindful Monday, I invite you to feel some mindful love this week. Take in a hug and really feel the energy and love behind it.  Allow a kiss to linger on your lips and think about these expressions of love again and again when your mind/body begins to tense up during the day.  Mostly, just “be” there for all the deliciousness that is held in that moment.  Hold it close and keep it present in your heart memory where it is always a mindful thought away.