Why so many Hurricanes?

Happy Aloha Friday everyone!

There seems to be a plethora of hurricane activity the last few weeks, one after another spiraling their way in paths of shell-1186245_640devastating destruction. The spiral shape has always intrigued me since it is the shape of the universe, the shape of ferns, flowers, snails, sacred geometry and more.  It can signify continual change, holistic growth, surrender, release and it symbolizes the spiritual journey. So what have all these hurricanes come to tell us? I have mused on the bigger picture that might be happening in the world around us.  Are these massive churnings and storms reminding us we are ALL on this collective journey in the Evolution of the Universe?  Are these magnified spirals inviting us to go inward ourselves and see the connection we have to all things? The recent events in our country have been churning alright and the Harveys and Irmas are a massive indication there is a bigger picture to be observed.  We are in the middle of a unprecedented shift in energy and consciousness and these storms are our giant slap in the face. If one of the meanings of the spiral is to surrender and release, maybe we all must keep our intentions on the big picture and surrender to the little details that take us away or distract us from our larger path of life.  On this ALoha Friday as we think of our connections to mind, body, and spirit, what does the spiral shape mean to you? I know one thing for sure, the only constant in life is the promise of continual change.  Are you on the path to the best version of yourself? When we allow life to be our teacher and our practice to becOMe, we connect to everything alive. Every spiral in nature is a reminder to surrender our old beliefs and grow into our new ones.  Let the nature of these giant nature spirals bring us greater awareness that life never stays stagnant. “Be the change you want to see in the world”. For those of you who are close to the spirals, have faith, we are all in this together. Stay safe and strong. ALoha and love, Ceseli

Life’s Lessons for Well-Being.

Happy September 1st on this Aloha Friday! Every year when September begins, I think back to the start of school fobacktoschool1r my children. Remember the first day of Kindergarden and watching your children get on the bus? They were so excited and the mom’s are all holding back the tears. The years fly by and all of a sudden, instead of shopping for crayons, scissors and workbooks, you are in Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond buying extra long mattress pads, under the bed containers, trash cans and hooks that stick on the wall.  When we dropped my youngest off at college, I was so jealous of the excitement of starting school again, taking courses and being stimulated academically with likeminded peers. I wanted to stay on campus, live in the dorm and become a freshman all over again. Since that was not possible, I went back to school nearer to my home, finished a degree, continued on for my Master’s and lately I have just finished my grad program of Transformational Health Coaching.  Now I look at Life as our Lifelong Teacher, giving us challenges and gifts as we navigate the hallways of mid-life and beyond, experiencing loss, grief, career changes, illness, grand-parenting while taking care of aging parents, pre and post retirement, boomerang kids and boomerang parents.  This passage of life used to promise ” the Golden Years” but for many, those years are illusive.  We used to see ourselves relaxing on beaches, traveling and visiting friends and family, no worries or angst about life. Instead we are caretaking parents or traveling back and forth to the nursing home or assisted living facility. Our children are challenged with making ends meet, raising their own brood and needing our help.  We find ourselves visiting Doctors more often,  adding more medications or supplements to our cabinets, having more massages, taking more hot salt baths filled with essential oils to soothe our tired and sore muscle aches because we overdid it in the yard and we are definitely repeating our parents old adages, it’s “sh…ty to get old!” But we are the Baby Boomers and the next generations are counting on us to show them the way, be their role models and age gracefully.You might hear yourself echo the voice of Mickey Mantle, “If I knew I was going to live this long, I would’ve taken better care of myself!” Enter my expertise as a Health and Wellness Coach. It is never too late to go”back to school” and learn how to take better care of your body, your mind and your spirit.  I may have protocols for Weight Loss, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Hormonal Issues for Men and Women, Adrenal Fatigue, etc. and I can weave in any of these health challenges into Health Coaching but my passion is bringing one’s entire self into optimal Well-Being.  This is done by looking at all aspects of life that may be stopping or slowing one down from feeling her BEST and being the BEST version of herself! After losing my surviving parent, my beloved Daddy this summer, I am more aware than ever of life’s short timespan. The time is NOW.  As we learn how  to eat better, lose some of our middles, have more energy to care for elders and play with our grandbabies and become mindful in our daily meditations, we can be the pebbles that drop into the pond of possibility, spreading out and helping all those we encounter, helping them feel the delight of being in the moment, increasing awareness of life’s daily blessings and joy that we can share with our families and friends. We will then be enjoying and  living the legacy we wish to leave behind. Make it a fabulous weekend everyone, let your connections be filled with ALoha!


Living Well is a Practice!

Breathing in the calm

Happy Aloha Friday everyone! What a week it has been since the incredible experience of an eclipse! I am already looking at the calendar for 2024 and planning on a totality view this time! I realized that I will be a little older and also rockin’ my 70’s at that point.  Aging becomes more evident as I get older, noticing the effects on my body, my skin, my joints. This week I was told I needed a basal cell on my forehead taken off ( oh those Hawaiian days in the sun), I started PT on a rotator cuff issue but only after I had tried chiropractic, acupuncture and over 10 hours of bodywork ( I am the Integrative Nurse Coach after all )and as a result, sleep has been elusive. I remember my mother always saying, “It’s shitty to get old”. I vowed never to say that and age gracefully, maintaining my body through exercise, my mind through lifelong learning, my soul with deepening friendships and romance after 40 years together with my lovie.  I like to think that stretching towards all of these goals is a practice.  Living well is a practice. It is no different from any other learned behavior whether it be mindfulness, meditation, exercising, eating well, etc.  We don’t have to strive for perfection as we change behaviors, we just have to commit to practicing new ways of being as we move toward our goals, no matter what they are.  As my  coach mentor Vanessa Broers has said, ” You don’t get to miss your life”! After losing my beloved Daddy last month, my mortality is ever present and I am acutely aware of life’s short timeframe.  More now than ever, I want to be more mindful of the life I get to experience, the foods I get to eat, the people I get to help through coaching and the awe I get to express as my gratitude guides me to Being Well.  Aloha Fridays are about connecting to something that soothes your mind, your body, your soul. This Friday,  can you connect to your Life Practice? What  brings you awe, joy, love, compassion, well-being and fun? Make it a good one guys, life is short. Aloha!


Good MGet Ready to Jump into July!indful Monday Morning everyone! I have joined a collective challenge with my school, the Health Coach Institute, to get as many people up and Jumping into July as possible! This challenge provides an opportunity to get moving three times a day and although it encourages you to jump rope, I am using it as a metaphor for Jumping into not only physical movement but jumping into all ways you can experience whole health and well-being! When was the last time you jumped into caring for your body, mind and spirit? Let this half-year mark reignite you to Spark the Change as we coaches like to say.


Each day I will be posting a little motivation to get you going, a recipe for an energy meal, ways to relax and to have just have fun! Set yourself a goal for the month and follow along with our group for extra tips, fun, encouragement, accountability and support. You can sign up for the challenge and receive your packet  at www.healthcoachinstitute.com/jumpintojuly.   We Health Coaches know that when one person is motivated to become their best self, those around them benefit too. We would like to see the whole community and global community rise up to experience the greatest sense of Well-Being. Please join my Facebook Group for fun, support and sharing as we all Jump Into the Best Versions of Ourselves! Once you have signed up, You can join my facebook group at: (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1703004546662015/)

To celebrate the 4th, free yourself from old routines that are not getting you where you want to BE. Jump into Being Healthy, in Mind, Body and Spirit. See you there!



How are you nurturing your way hOMe today?

Finding your way hOMe.

Hearts continue to blossom into Spring…

Heart shaped flower As Heart and Valentine month come to a close and March signals the promise of spring, keep your heart centered practices strong! This is the fourth is a series of Heart Health blogs we have celebrated this February.  The four chambers of the heart have metaphorically been shared as mind, body, emotion and spirit.  Today we look at the spiritual component of heart health.  Healing means to become whole and for this reason,  anyone can heal even if they are on their death bed.   It is not about avoiding death, it is the feeling of connecting to hOMe.   Dr. Paul Pearsall, in his book, The Heart’s Code, shares, ” we heal in order to be whole with the systems around us and to be able to care for, heal, and protect these systems, including people, plants, animals, and places.”  We are all in a constant state of healing as our heart and body are always in a state of self-correction.  When we lose touch with our primary stabilizer, our heart, we are disconnected from what resonates with our soul.  When we feel connected to others and they to us, our heart feels re-enchanted and energetically reconnected with the world. Our heart opens to wholeness.  Connecting to our heart’s wisdom allows us to fall into a shared resonance with other hearts in a form of compassionate spirit.  We beat as one when we slow down and simply Be.

We can use a day or a month to bring awareness to any dis-ease or upset to our homeostatic state but the heart remains our center of gravity as we continue to navigate through the rest of the year, day by day. Remaining or attaining wholeness is  a daily practice that not only keeps our body at its optimal functioning but our mind and spirit in top shape as well.  Let the beginning of March, whether it comes in like a lion or not, start the breath of fresh air to our psyches. Think of new beginnings, little seedlings sprouting, pussy willows popping out, snow drops bursting out as soon as the snow melts. The time for growth is always now and let these beautiful promises of spring in the natural world touch our hearts so we may resonate  with a fresh new spirit to everything around us.  Get out and notice what might be rising out of the depths of winter, walk in the fresh air with a new lovie, write or call an old friend and make plans to get together this spring and summer Feel how this is what healing is and remember, Heart hugs are always welcome as is the spirit of ALoha. Make it a great week and let’s be thrilled it’s March!!!  ALoha!

Have you Thanked Your Heart Today?

kiss on a heart


Happy Aloha Friday my friends!


Today marks the third Friday of Heart Health Month and Friday blogs are about connection to something concerning mind, body and spirit. The four Fridays this month have been devoted to mind, body, emotion and spirit, represented by the four chambers of the heart. Today we are appreciating the connection to our hearts, our beloved center of emotional expression.


How often do we refer our experiences to how it makes our heart feel? He sure is a “heart-throb”. That letter was “heartfelt”. My “heart is breaking”, I am ‘broken-hearted” and “my heart aches”. I could name a hundred of these that connect us to intense emotions we can feel from day to day and in a lifetime of experiences. We know our hearts can feel resonance and can experience entrainment, synchronizing heartbeat patterns with others. The HeartMath Institute has done fascinating research with this. Entraining can happen when we feel compassion and empathy and are able to feel what the other person is feeling.

In stress management using biofeedback, we can learn to slow down our heart rates, relax our muscles, breathing and blood vessels during the relaxation response. We can put ourselves into an emotional state from the kinds of thoughts we conjure up, linking feelings of joy, heartache, grief, separation, love , fear, etc. to heart health. These can be stressful states or feelings of eustress, or good stress. Our hearts don’t always know the difference. When a person suffers an extreme loss, especially an unexpected one, there is even a condition called “ the broken heart syndrome” where one can literally fall ill, sometimes fatally in response to intense grief. Many of us have personal stories of this or have heard of this happening. One such recent one may have been the death of Debbie Reynolds so soon after hearing of her daughter (Carrie Fisher)’s death.


The emotions and stress stirred up by recent political events are a cause for concern. Anger can be a positive way to move forward and fuel the energy needed for change but it can also reek havoc on our hearts. It can have the same effect of intense grief and cause our hearts to ache for another outcome. It is the feeling of deep disconnection that isolates us from three of life’s deepest human needs; love, safety and belonging. How do we mind and mend our hearts?


Making the mindful decision to take notice, slow down, take deep breaths and feel calm can be heartsaving, let alone heart healing. Take a yoga class, listen to music, go out and Dance! Reach out and be with a friend, a family member or a tribe who share your common values. Be present, hold space for each other as we try to navigate the sometimes uncharted waters. Let your hearts beat as one, feel the connection with yourself and with others. Keep a gratitude journal, your heart will thank you as you appreciate what hard work this little fist sized organ does for you as you put it through it’s workout. Turn this into a heart-centered meditation as you feel the energy and love your heart has for you and then turn that out into the world, letting it flow out like a pebble in a pond. We need this more than ever. Feel the intense joy in connecting with these other hearts, all beating in time with each other. Be the Aloha you wish to see in the world. See you next Friday for our final February Heart series where we will talk about Spirit and it’s connection to Heart Health. Have a great weekend everyone!

Minding the Heart!

Minding the Heart

Happy Aloha Friday Everyone! This is the second in a series of Heart Centered Aloha Fridays that honor Heart Month. I have metaphorically used the four chambers of the heart to represent mind, body, emotions and spirit.  Last week we talked about the physical heart and it’s connection to what we eat and the importance of balancing nutrients, specifically carbs and sugar.  This Friday we look at our thoughts and their energetic value to our heart health.  Behavioral medicine research has shown that our mind and how we think can have a huge impact on our health.  Our brain does not recognize “NOT” so when we say ” I do NOT want heart disease (or fill in the blank), our brain hears, ” I want heart disease”.  Our thoughts and intentions become our reality so paying mindful attention to our thoughts can contribute to the love and compassion we give to ourselves. Can you turn your self-talk into loving your heart? Feeling gratitude for the enormous workload your heart handles every second relaxes the arteries, keeps the blood flowing throughout our body so that every cell is nourished and filled with oxygen and love.  The connection between mind and heart is profound, each thought holding space for this magnificent organ to perform it’s perfect symphonic beat. Each morning, appreciate your heart, send it some love, set the intention for paying attention to how you think and what you say and the affect it can have on your heart. Being the Aloha we wish to see in the world reflects the kindness our hearts feel and express.  In the next two weeks, we will explore more metaphors, meditations and connections that can keep our hearts strong, appreciated and shared with the world.  Have a wonderful Aloha Friday and weekend and send your heart some love!

Taking Your Heart in your own Hands.

heart in hands


Happy Mindful Monday everyone! This week we are looking to mind our heart health and in the process, be as optimally and holistically well as possible. Most of my professional work has been in the care of the Heart and what used to be a mostly physical connection.  However, in my years of mind/body/spirit study, I started teaching relaxation techniques and educating cardiac patients of the connections to their hearts otherwise ignored in the past.  “Meditation” was  a no-no back then so other words were substituted while I guided them in imagery exercises to quiet their bodies, minds and stir their imaginations.  Music and imagery were their favorites and soon I took it from the Community Centers to the Hospital where each session of rehab today always ends in relaxation, meditation and imagery exercises. Since then, many mind/body  links to cardiac health have been documented in  studies and implemented in programs across the country where diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, group therapy and spiritual mindfulness have become the new model for treating and preventing heart disease.  I have just finished a new book titled, The Whole Heart Solution by Joel Kahn, MD,  preventive Cardiologist and Clinical Professor of Medicine at Wayne State University School of Medicine.  His philosophy parallels the idea of “it takes a village” and uses is as it takes a whole body to beat a heart. We have fragmented medicine into so many specialties, most doctors look at their specific organ of expertise and ignore the rest of the picture. For a heart to be and beat healthy, it takes a healthy gut,  healthy adrenals, non-inflammed blood vessels, good levels of sex hormones, a strong immune system unencumbered by antibiotic use, less toxins in our food and environment and that’s just the physical!  We are responsible for helping our bodies stay in the healthy continuum of homeostasis or balance to optimize our health.  DNA is not a death sentence either.  Having heart disease in your family may make you more prone but now we know with epigenetics, we have the ability to choose a lifestyle that will turn those genes on or off.  This book looks at the medications used in heart disease, important dietary supplements to use in conjunction with those meds or at times, for prevention.  From decreasing toxins in our food, environment, products we use for our hair, teeth and bodies to mindfulness meditation, yoga, pet therapy and cultivating social and spiritual connections are all part of not only a healthy heart but a healthy body that will help defend against other diseases and cancers. I highly recommend this book to you which can be found on Amazon, The Whole Heart Solution,. Despite it’s title, it is filled with good advice for a great Wellness Prescription and gives you the option to write your own. Mind your WHOLE body and heart this week and set the intention to write your own Rx for Health.  See you on Aloha Friday!

Wear RED for this Aloha Friday!


wear red

Happy Aloha Friday!

This month, February, as a Heart Health and Wellness Coach, I am dedicating each Aloha Friday blog to Heart Health.  Today is actually wear red day to honor heart health awareness for women.  Aloha Friday blogs have been about connection and today we dive into the connection we have to our hearts, the center of our compassion, love for ourselves and others, the seat of our souls. There are physically four chambers of the heart, two atria and two ventricles. From a holistic perspective, I like to divide the chambers into four areas of the heart representing body, mind, emotions and spirit.

This Aloha Friday we look at the body chamber of the heart and the care that needs to happen for our hearts to function well for us.  All the chambers connect to each other to symbiotically create a beautiful symphony that only not keeps the heart as a whole healthy, it creates the base for the rest of our body health and life health as well.  Nourishing our hearts starts with what  foods we choose to eat.  For years, we believed saturated fats and cholesterol were no-nos and an entire low-fat marketing campaign began which is still very prevalent today. Today with more research, we learn  the biggest inflammatory process leading to heart disease as well as other illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, auto-immune disorders, etc. is SUGAR! Yes, the little white refined, processed substance along with her sister powder, white flour is more addictive than cocaine or heroin.  We can’t seem to get enough of the stuff, from our love of carbs, bread, crackers, cookies, cakes and more to all the foods we eat at restaurants, take out fast food or a box of processed food we have in our cupboards.  There are hidden sugars everywhere and all the low-fat, gluten free products out there have added sugar in them to enhance the taste and to make us want more!  Sugar has caused us to be an obese nation, diabetes is an epidemic, even in children.  Children as young as 6 are being diagnosed with Type II diabetes.

There are great ways to kick the sugar habit and I address those in my talks I give locally.  The problem with testing glucose is even with normal blood sugar levels, insulin levels may be elevated and that causes the same endothelial and vascular damage that high sugar does. Make sure you ask for insulin levels as well as blood sugar levels when you are at your check-ups. The overdose of sugar in our system makes our pancreas work overtime and when all the sugar receptors are taken, the extra just turns to fat. That extra roll around your waist is most likely due to fat storage from sugar and carb consumption.  If you would like to learn more about the connection between your diet and heart health, you may benefit from a complementary consultation from me during the month of February. Together we can find a way to keep your heart healthy, reduce your risk factors for heart disease  in a fun, non-judgmental way so you can live a long and healthy life! You will learn easy ways to balance your blood sugar, gain energy, lose that roll and feel great.  You may contact me at ceselimilstein@gmail.com for more information and stay tuned for next Aloha Friday’s blog on the mind connection to our heart health. Have a wonderful WEAR RED day and weekend. Aloha!


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