May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii!

plumeria leiHappy May Day everyone! May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii, a holiday commemorating the tradition of lei making and a day when everyone wears Aloha attire and leis to school or work.  When I was growing up, I remember picking buckets of plumerias from our yard and stringing dozens of leis for family and friends for May Day and other occasions. This week, the symbolism for the beautiful circular necklace of flowers brings us right into Aloha Friday, our day of connection.  Stringing or making a flower lei is a mindful meditation. One sits alone or with others listening to Hawaiian music, the lilting slack key guitar in the background, the intense aroma of beautiful flowers in a rainbow of colors all around you. You are totally engrossed in this mindful activity. I have incorporated an imagery exercise for this beautiful tradition.   One by one, each flower is strung to make a circle of wholeness, incorporating all the attributes you have or would like to have to create optimal wellness.  One flower may be symbolic for the warmth of the sun, one the earth, one food that nourishes your body, one for family or specific loved ones, one for gratitude, one for healing and whatever connects and manifests your lei of  wholeness.  This weekend there will be May Day festivities in towns and cities across the globe where we celebrate Spring, at long last! Dancing, flowers and parades will express the joy we all feel after a long cold winter.  This Lei Day weekend as we join with our Aloha Friday kickoff,  string a lei of flowers from your yard even if it is dandelions.  Let each flower speak to you as you celebrate your own joy, make your circle of wholeness of body, mind and spirit and wear it around your neck or as your crown. Let it be the symbol of the health of your entire being and the connection to your Aloha spirit.  Have a fabulous celebratory weekend!

Focus on your Heart!

Happy Hulaween!

Hula girl jackolanternHappy Halloween everyone!  Tonite goblins, ghosts, witches and super-heroes will knock on doors for goodies, all having fun being someone or something else. Costume wearing got me thinking about how we can all be actors as we dress up in crazy outfits once in awhile.  It gives us a chance to play, pretend and be another entity, escaping from our real selves.  Reminds me of the multiple personality syndrome where one person exhibits several different personalities, at times each having different physical abilities or disease processes.  How can your body be diabetic in one personality but not in another? Can wearing a costume be a source of healing for us?  If research on facial expressions and correlating bloodwork can reveal what we do on the outside can affect us inside, what kind of person could we be that would heal our insides? To be someone who personifies freedom, fun, laughter and well-being might be a hidden Halloween gift we can all give to ourselves.  Who in your fantasies, storytellings, book characters or real heroes would you think optimize the best you could be?  Dress up as one of them, tonite and more often if you need to and FEEL what it is like to be a healthy whole being! Sounds like a fun way to prescribe treatment to me.  It would be a Halloween connection to our inner doctor. How about it? Have a fun and safe evening and enjoy the little ones but think of what costume you could render up to feel the best you can be! Exercise your inner Aloha spirit, today and everyday.  Have a great evening! With a Halloween Hug,  Hulaween Girl

Celebrating the Chance to Begin Anew.



healing words image

Shana Tova everyone!

Tonite is Erev Rosh Hashanah and it is a time for family, candles, challah, apples and honey. The rituals that mark this holiday are filled with the bittersweetness and the circle of life.  As we mark the end of the lunar Hebrew year 5777, we are reminded of how our behavior, attitudes, intentions and connections have served others and ourselves these past twelve months. This holiday gives us a chance to look back, take note of what was healing in our lives and what was not.  Tradition is we repent for our sins as well as those of others and we ask for forgiveness of any wrongdoing so that we may begin anew, slate wiped clean and ready to start over.  I choose to use the Hawaiian philosophy of Ho’oponopono  which says, ” I am sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, Thank you” to heal myself as well as others.  It is a prayer some native  Hawaiians use each night when we ask ourselves, ” Am I Pono?”, meaning, did I do what was right today? Did I say or write a healing word,  use a healing gesture or facial expression, connect to someone’s soul or my own? This way, each day is a chance for renewal, to begin again and to serve in a healing way. This holiday begins with the celebration of a new year, a sweet and good new year to come and stretches out for 10 days, culminating with the solemnity of Yom Kippur, a day of fasting, contemplation and prayer.  While the fast cleanses our bodies and our minds, it leads the way inward, nurturing our souls.  We ceremoniously remember our loved ones who have passed and this year I will stand for Mourner’s Kaddish once again, this time for my beloved Daddy, who left this realm in July.  We will stand hungry for peace, for compassion, for justice, for equality, for a better world and a better year.  And then, as the darkness begins to usher in the end of day, the lightness of our bodies, weights lifted off our minds and souls, starts to shine within, void of cloudy thoughts, emotions, feelings and our cleansed souls light the way to a new year.  I will be mindful of gratitude for the love of my family and friends and the blessings that are bestowed on all of us each day. May all of you be inscribed in the Book of Life and enjoy a beautiful, soul-full, sweet and healthy New Year. Shana Tova.

How are you nurturing your way hOMe today?

Finding your way hOMe.

Hearts continue to blossom into Spring…

Heart shaped flower As Heart and Valentine month come to a close and March signals the promise of spring, keep your heart centered practices strong! This is the fourth is a series of Heart Health blogs we have celebrated this February.  The four chambers of the heart have metaphorically been shared as mind, body, emotion and spirit.  Today we look at the spiritual component of heart health.  Healing means to become whole and for this reason,  anyone can heal even if they are on their death bed.   It is not about avoiding death, it is the feeling of connecting to hOMe.   Dr. Paul Pearsall, in his book, The Heart’s Code, shares, ” we heal in order to be whole with the systems around us and to be able to care for, heal, and protect these systems, including people, plants, animals, and places.”  We are all in a constant state of healing as our heart and body are always in a state of self-correction.  When we lose touch with our primary stabilizer, our heart, we are disconnected from what resonates with our soul.  When we feel connected to others and they to us, our heart feels re-enchanted and energetically reconnected with the world. Our heart opens to wholeness.  Connecting to our heart’s wisdom allows us to fall into a shared resonance with other hearts in a form of compassionate spirit.  We beat as one when we slow down and simply Be.

We can use a day or a month to bring awareness to any dis-ease or upset to our homeostatic state but the heart remains our center of gravity as we continue to navigate through the rest of the year, day by day. Remaining or attaining wholeness is  a daily practice that not only keeps our body at its optimal functioning but our mind and spirit in top shape as well.  Let the beginning of March, whether it comes in like a lion or not, start the breath of fresh air to our psyches. Think of new beginnings, little seedlings sprouting, pussy willows popping out, snow drops bursting out as soon as the snow melts. The time for growth is always now and let these beautiful promises of spring in the natural world touch our hearts so we may resonate  with a fresh new spirit to everything around us.  Get out and notice what might be rising out of the depths of winter, walk in the fresh air with a new lovie, write or call an old friend and make plans to get together this spring and summer Feel how this is what healing is and remember, Heart hugs are always welcome as is the spirit of ALoha. Make it a great week and let’s be thrilled it’s March!!!  ALoha!

Be your own Placebo

balanceGood Afternoon everyone! This image reminded me of a book, You Are The Placebo by Joe Dispenza.  We are all aware of the placebo effect.  Used as part of experiments to test for efficacy of drug therapy, placebo is an inert substance given in place of the drug of choice and more often than not, the effects of the drug are no better than placebo.  When people are given a drug and told it will work, it has long been thought the belief in the treatment was enough to affect a good outcome of therapy.  New science and technologies now can explain exactly why placebo not only works but how we can be our own placebo.  Strong beliefs whether it be for a treatment or any favorable desire or intention changes our mind/body physiology and allows us to attain  homeostasis or balance that becomes our optimal healing space.  Our bodies are in a constant balancing act but it listens to what we think, how we think, what we believe and how we feel emotionally.  Each thought carries a message that has the capacity to heal or not.  When we are in balance and operating at the optimal level, we are healthy in body, mind and spirit.  Many experiments from this book involve meditation and looking at the brain wave changes that can occur during an intentional practice that has had healing outcomes.  It is a fascinating look at the quantum power we all have at our disposal if we learn how to access it.   A few minutes of meditation practice a day can reap huge rewards for your health.  It puts ourselves in balance and provides us with an opportunity to heal our wounds and those of others through intention as well.  This Tuesday, I invite you to have  the intention to take a few minutes a day to quiet your mind, bring your mind/body space into equilibrium and be your own placebo.  Remember, it is a practice, a lifelong one, and one that can illicit powerful changes within us and around us. Make it a wonderful week filling your body with Aloha!

Are you Living a Whole Life?



5659014_keep_calm_and_seek_a_health_coachAloha all,


As some of you may know, I have been a lifelong student of Mind/Body connections, Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, and Natural Healing. I am excited to share with you that I have now decided to bring all my passions together and I have become a Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

When I started my “cOMe hOMe to OM” blog a couple of years ago, I invited you to begin the week with a Mindful Monday intention for a good week – choosing something from your everyday life to inspire, create joy and mindful awareness. At the end of the week, I shared Aloha Friday musings that would speak to connecting yourself to your body, mind and spirit that in a unique way generating gratitude, a zest for living and love into your life. My writings sought to integrate a thread of Aloha, philosophy of love, beauty of nature and connection to spirit that motivated my sense – and hopefully your sense – of well-being.

Growing up in Hawaii, I was blessed to experience the Aloha spirit that permeates through the people, the beauty of the environment, the respect for nature and our Hawaiian heritage. This spirit appears in our spoken and unspoken words and in the language of our hearts. It is the welcOMing sound of aunties, uncles, tutus and ukuleles, the smell of intoxicating flowers, the feel of cool waterfalls and mist upon our sun-drenched skin – that together have inspired my passions and created my purpose and mission –

“To help others find the Aloha in their hearts, minds and spirit – leading to wholeness, well-being and transformation.”

 My desire to assist others in becoming the best version of themselves is the focus of my coaching. I concentrate on weight loss, increased energy, stress management and habit change so that healthier behavior emerges from your desire. Teaching people to use their own intuition to guide them towards better choices for themselves is the fun part. Most people know that they SHOULD do something do to get what they want, they just don’t always know WHAT or HOW to do it. Here’s where coaching can be so instrumental for change. Health coaching offers the right system, support and accountability needed to affect change. I am part cheerleader and part tough love Sherpa – offering a non-judgmental experience to keep you on track towards your goals while having fun along the way.

If what you have tried in the past has not worked, or offered only temporary results, simply to drift away, yet you would still like to become the person you desire, consider a free hour coaching session. I guarantee that I will have you walking away with at least one AHA moment. Interesting, AHA is an integral part of AloHA. It is because when you realize there is a way to become the person whom you have always envisioned – a space opens up for the heart and the spirit – the Aloha Spirit – that has always been there to guide you – just waiting for your AHA.

I invite you to cOMe, find your center and the key to ultimate well-being that has always resided within you. Together, let’s find what is stopping you or slowing you down from this magical discovery. Please message me (ceselimilstein@gmail.com) to schedule your free consultation, a $75 value and let’s begin the transformation!

Mahalo and Aloha, Ceseli



Beginning Anew


Thirty six years ago today, Peter finished his fellowship at Tufts New England Medical Center by being on call one last night. We had already moved to the little shipbuilding town of Noank where we had rented a house. I stayed for a week by myself trying to clean a really filthy house.  But that day, I couldn’t wait for him to get there. I went to the train station in Mystic, where our new life would begin anew. At long last, the train arrived and there he was jumping off the train straight from work, still in his blue scrubs, only a backpack and carrying a dozen red roses.  What a most romantic start to our new life in Connecticut. Here we would start a Cardiology and a Nursing practice, marry, raise a son and a daughter and grow into ourselves as adults.  The years raced by, we sent our children off to college, became empty nesters and to our ultimate joy, became grandparents to a beautiful little girl.

Today marks another July 1 much like the one so long ago. The end of Peter’s participation in the hospital and practice as he has known it has arrived.  No more call, no more weekends.  And just like his last night at NEMC, he spent the last night of practice on call.  Signing out by phone this morning, he is officially done.  Next week, he will continue to do what he loves most, care for patients in the office only part time.  We again mark this day by beginning anew.  We again are separated, me being here in Virginia to celebrate our granddaughter’s second birthday. He will arrive today, not by train but by plane and I will be waiting for him with great anticipation and joy as we begin anew once again, only this time I will be holding our granddaughter to greet him as well. Life is so damn good.

Approaching the New Year.

ho'ponopono image

Rosh Hashanah has for many years been a mixed blessing of a holiday for me.  It starts with joyous food, apples and honey, challah baked with love and blessings for a sweet and healthy New Year.  The period ends with erev Yom Kippur, an evening of rushed early dinners and plenty of water before the fast and a rush to the synagogoue so as not to miss Kol Nidrei, the most beautiful service of the week.  The lilting melody is a mindful recognition of the solemnity of the day to come where most of the day is spent in prayer and heartfelt cleansing of the year’s soul.   We fast and are reminded to be hungry for peace, hungry for compassion, hungry for empathy, hungry for a better year and a better future.  We repent for collective misdeeds and atone for them as well.  I am reminded of the Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono where the prayer is, “ I am Sorry, Please Forgive me, I love you. Thank you.”    I choose to use this as my prayer to myself, my loved ones and the world around me.  It is also a time where any loss is acutely felt, whether it was a long ago loss or a recent one.  For a couple of decades, I am reminded on this day of loved ones passed, a miscarriage of a longed for third child that occurred right before Rosh Hashanah so many years ago.  This year will be different.  I will stand for Mourner’s Kaddish for the first time after losing my dearest Mama this past summer.  It will be an even more emotional prayer this year, a personal and deeply felt recent loss.  It may debride the start of the scab that has started to form on my heart and break open and I will feel the pain of grief once again.  Then as we move through the service of putting the year behind us and readying ourselves for dusk and sealing the Book of Life for the year, I will feel spent but mindful that life always begins anew and the blessings of love continue to shower my growing family and friends.  I will break the fast, drink a little wine and fall into deep slumber, knowing I always do the best I can and I will continue to pursue the gifts life gives to my soul and share them with others. May you be inscribed in the Book of Life for a happy, healthy and fulfilling year.  L’shana tova.

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