Happy Aloha Friday everyone!

It has been a very challenging week here in the US of A with so much chaos in Washington happening. There is so much anger and upset going on that it seems to permeate the air no matter where you go. This is the time to turn off your news media and phone, get out in nature, take a walk, be with a friend, CONNECT to something mind, body or soul to bring peace, balance, and healing to yourself! We simply cannot let the events of the day jeopardize our well-being. Taking care of ourselves is more important than ever because our health is everything. What we cannot control we must let go of. The damage it does to our psyche, our emotions, our bodies is very real. Take this weekend and do something FUN! Get outside, pick some apples, go leaf-peeping and enjoy the glorious weather of Fall. Meet with friends and laugh, connect in all the ways that make us feel good, loved, nurtured and relaxed. What we seek is what we need to BE. Kindness and love is what we need to experience and express . Make it a good weekend, be kind to yourself and others. . Be the Aloha you Wish to See in the World. Love, your Health Coach