Help Heal the Soul of America.

american flagGood Mindful Monday Morning everyone! Being that we are one day away from mid-term elections, I find myself musing over the content of yesterday’s Super Soul Sunday with Oprah and Marianne Williamson. I have long been a fan of Marianne’s, having read A Return to Love almost twenty years ago. I followed her campaign for House of Representatives and was encouraged to see someone who finally resonated with my worldview. Her interview with Oprah enlightened me further as she talked about her message and her book, Healing the Soul of America.
She brought in our Founding Fathers who with a “better idea”, forged our democracy and tried to cultivate an environment of politics that would originate from the Greek root, politeia, meaning “gathering of citizens” instead of by the government.

Today the soul of democracy, the spiritual component of our nations’ birth, still yearns for the equality in all of us. Equal rights means to have the “opportunity to self-actualize” as an “obstruction to that is an obstruction to our spiritual purpose”. Fulfilling our human potential and trying to achieve the top of the pyramid of Maslow’s needs for self-actualization has broader goals now. The shift of consciousness, personal spiritual awakenings, the healing evolution that we have all used to personally step out of our slumber has occurred. The self-help era made us all aware of how we could meditate our way to inner peace, help ourselves be more productive at work, help children with autism and ADD with mindfulness, cure ourselves by finding joy, learn to love ourselves first before we can offer ourselves to a partner. It has all been about personal evolution. In medicine, modern day practitioners, educated and raised to separate mind and body using dualism and Cartesian theories laughed and scoffed as Complementary and Alternative methods started to weave themselves into the mainstream. Now most of the most prestigious healthcare universities have Integrative Medicine departments and age old healing methods are incorporated into “traditional” health care models. Politicians laughed at Marianne as well, the “new-age guru” who used love as her platform for change. But what she is implying is that what has held true for personal transformation also holds true for a nation. The picture held of our obsessions, distractions and yearnings to connect with technology has given rise to the poverty of our soul. We try so hard to do our yoga, meditate, go within, find “the Secret” that we lose sight of how we can truly apply what we have learned to the collective energy required for “a passionate life with a deeper purpose to living it”.   There is a reason beyond personal transformation that has attracted so many of us globally to a more spiritual based life. We need to use this to be the healers of our nation. To see what our history has shown us is to identify what needs to change. We need to love what visions are possible, not hate what is happening. Just as we are seeing healthy outcomes and what is possible with Integrative medicine, we need to see a healthy country bring forth new ways to fulfill our founding fathers ideals for a true democracy. As we set our intentions to self-actualize and live to our potential, include a collective intention to heal our country. Speak out from your yogi hearts and souls and “help us make a Mindful Nation” (Tim Ryan). As we go to the polls, we may not have the ideal candidate but at least choose one who doesn’t hate what is going on in the world but wants to transform it. May the best ones remember their roots and the ideals of our founding fathers. Be mindful and grateful we can actually cast a vote in this country and exercise your right and responsibility for reform. Make it a great week!