Lifelong Learning!

backtoschool1Good Mindful Monday Morning Everyone! This week many kids start back to school and it brings back so many memories of not only mine but our kids first days as well. I am not sure what I feel when I start to see the bus schedules posted in the newspaper but I think it is just a little anxiety even now. Same with the back to school ads. I remember going to Staples and getting all the gear, notebooks, calculators, pens and pencils, etc. and having fun doing it. By the time college came around, it was multiple trips to Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target for extra long sheets and mattress pads, new comforters and gazillions of other accouterments necessary for dorm living.  Now I run to Target for one thing and there they are, mothers and daughters or sons, combing the aisles for towels, sheets and dorm accessories and my heart sinks.  Those were precious days and dropping them off at their new digs, starting a collegiate life  and watching them embark on a journey you only hope to share a bit of was so bittersweet.  I remember walking around MIT and Boston College thinking, wow my kids are so lucky to be at these incredible schools and be in Boston to boot.  After a few years, I too wanted to be back in academics and went back to school and a few years later, back again to get my Masters.  Now I seem to be a perennial student, always taking some course or another or wanting to learn more about so many passions I have come to cultivate over the years.  Yes we now know from neuroscience learning is good for our brains, no matter what age but there is something else learning does. It stimulates our curiosity and keeps us engaged in the world.  It keeps us asking questions and encourages us to search inside ourselves for answers to life’s greatest  mysteries. Life is so fascinating and the lessons it has for us are never-ending.  For this Mindful Monday, let’s set the intention for learning something new this week. It might be a new word, a new concept, a tradition from another culture, a new way of looking at ourselves or the world.  Celebrate it and engage in educating yourself or others. Watching our granddaughter feed a goat for the first time is being witness to new neurons firing for her and making our hearts swell with joy.  It is a lesson in compassion and love and who doesn’t need more of that? Make it a great week and see you on Aloha Friday!