Bridges of love.

Path bridgeGood Mindful Monday Morning everyone. For the last couple of weeks, I have been mourning the passing of my mother and experiencing new emotions now that I am a motherless child.  I have become a member of a club that chose me rather than the other way around.  I have always believed in life after death and that the other realm is closer than we think.  Many people have had signs or messages from loved ones on the other side and I seem to be in a holding pattern, waiting for a sign from mama, trying to be open to anything that might hold a message.  One morning as I sat on my front porch, missing my mama and shedding some tears, a beautiful waft of tropical air came my way. This aroma is not from anything in New England, not honeysuckle or fragrant late summer blooms, but a true Hawaiian scent that came to me in a breeze. It shook me out of my gloom and I asked myself,  “where is that coming from”?  Looking all around to see if I could visually account for this decidedly beautiful fragrance,  I then thought to myself, it’s mama sending it to me.  I sat in silence and gratitude for what I think was a sign from her.   It was a bridge from her to me, connecting us by our mutual love of hawaiian flowers.  Since then,  I saw a quote from a book on FaceBook from The Afterlife of Billy Fingers and immediately ordered it.  Reading it in one sitting, I contemplated the communication that had taken place between the author and her brother who had passed on.  A quote from the book, “if you want to make a quantum leap, build a bridge between your world and mine”. Hmm, the bridge again.  Yesterday,  a friend brought me a book, one from the series, Chicken Soup for the Soul, this one being Messages from Heaven.  I read through the first few chapters, and there again, the bridge connection.  I had felt the bridge between my mother and me was severed but in actuality it is strengthened.  The connection between us is still strong and it  continues from me to my children and then to my grandchild.  We are Honey Strong! Her legacy continues in all of us.  The books to me have been more signs she is near and I feel her love as always.  For this Mindful Monday as we set intentions for the week, be aware of the bridges you have with all the ones you love and know they get stronger with aloha spirit and love.  How do you plan to keep your bridges strong?  Make it a great week and see you on Aloha Friday.