Gifts of the Season

IMG_0433It is Aloha Friday everyone!

This week, Aloha Friday falls right in the middle of  the very significant Judeo-Christian holidays, Passover and Easter.  While Passover (the Last Supper) commemorates the escape from slavery, Easter celebrates the escape from mortality into faith and hope.  My Aloha Friday blog is always about connection in some way to mind, body, emotion and spirit. This Good Friday, no matter what faith you might practice,  let the stories of renewal and rebirth give rise to your freedom of spirit as we release ourselves from any bondage of the past preventing us from true liberation. As Springtime also invites us to feel renewed and our faith in the continuation of life sprouts from the earth and from our souls, let this Aloha Friday heed us to be mindfully aware of the gifts of the season.  Have a wonderful weekend filled with Aloha.