Connecting Joy

IMG_0479Happy Aloha Friday everyone! I am back in Virginia this weekend connecting with my son, his wife and our beautiful grand-daughter. Such a divine way to begin a weekend. This past year since she was born, my best friend from seventh grade on has moved here as well but we have yet to be here at the same time. Having six grandchildren, four of whom live on the West coast, she is busy traveling to visit them or her mother in Hawaii or her winter home in Utah. At last, we are here at the same time and I will be able to connect with her and see her new “hOMe”. Having a “BFF” for decades allows you to reconnect in a heartbeat, starting where you left off the last time, whether it has been months or years since you last saw each other. It has always been that way for us and our mutual Hawaiian roots have grounded us to a deep “seesta”hood.  So having connected last Friday with my own sister, the trend continues to connect with another “seesta”. When we get together, our energy delights us, talking pidgin, laughing hysterically,  reminiscing and now sharing our new roles as grandmas. For me, this precious relationship feeds my soul and I realize, this weekend I am connecting my past as well as seeing the future in my grand-daughter while mindfully feeling the joy of the present moment.  I invite you on this Aloha Friday to connect your joyful sisterhood or brotherhood memories from your youthful past to a new shared role that connects you now. Enjoy the moment together, in person, by phone, by e-mail or social media and make each other laugh with a blast from the past. Happy Aloha Friday!