Spring Cleaning the Mind

IMG_0232It is Mindful Monday and during  the last week here in New England, the word Spring  has echoed across small towns and cities alike. After such a long, cold, grey winter, those of us lucky to experience seasons are treated to new beginnings and growth that accompany the beautiful season of Spring.  We throw open our windows, dust off the sills and let fresh air into our homes, clear out the spaces that seem to have cocooned us for too long. The newspaper bin by the fireplace that for months has been used to kindle fires and warm our frozen hands and feet now goes to recycling,  allowing the move toward the desire for open spaces. Outside,  tiny buds of crocuses and daffodils excite our anticipation of each  new day and Mother Nature promises us new colors, shapes, aromas and changing landscapes.  It is a truly wondrous season and a wonderful metaphor for beginning anew. While we clean our the clutter, re-organize our closets and put away our winter coats and shovels, we can take the time to dust off the cobwebs in our mind’s eye as well.  Clean the salt from any tears that have fallen the past few months, wiping the window to our soul clean and fresh, ready to see the world with a fresh outlook. Throw out any grudges, grumblings or hard feelings that have accumulated over the last few months and let them out the window. As we mindfully see our outer world explode with pinks, greens, yellows, reds and purples, we can also mindfully open our inner selves to the wonders that await us there.  Be open to the new fresh moments that will now kindle love, enthusiasm, excitement and gratitude. Set the intention this week to clear the cobwebs of your mind along with the ones in your garage. Get ready to  “Spring forward” with new eyes, a new heart and a renewed spirit. Be mindful of the short season of beauty that gives us so much joy and hope and for anyone still holding on to any  long cold winter complaints, “let it go”. Happy Spring!