The “Seestaly” Energy of Aloha

SeestasHappy Aloha Friday everyone!

This past Mindful Monday, I mentioned the book, Practice Aloha and set the intention for the week to be more mindful of “being” Aloha and asking myself, could I have done or said that with more Aloha? Today my sister and I were in a restaurant line waiting to order and I started complimenting a woman in front of us on her boots. We continued to chat, my sister joining in, until she asked us, “where are you from?” We answered Mystic and Myrtle Beach respectively and she said she was from Michigan and everyone keeps asking her, “you’re not from around here, are you? You’re way too friendly”. So unfortunately we had to set her straight about actually being from Hawaii originally so could not claim East Coast as our “hOMe” base. Hmmm. Guess we connected our Aloha Spirit with a newcomer and we were all so happy the rest of the afternoon, everyone we encountered store after store was unbelievably helpful and pleasant! The energy of Aloha traveled around us and we were mindful to notice it permeating our afternoon. Then I realized something else. My sister has been the epitome of Aloha Spirit her whole life. She has been spreading love and joy wherever she goes  just by her “being”.  When I am with her, she makes me a better person.  Together the joy we feel being with each other spreads the energy outward.  She is my sister And my “seesta”.   As the  Aloha Friday blog is always about connection in some way, let this weekend be a testing ground.  Be mindful of your Aloha Spirit and see what responses you might receive.  Connect with a “seesta”.   She is someone who makes you mindful of your Aloha spirit, whether it is alive or depleted.   Notice whether the energy from “being Aloha” with your Seesta is infectious.  Make it a  wonderful Friday and a weekend full of Aloha.