“Hawaiian Time”

beautiful islander womanHappy Aloha Friday everyone!

This post is being written from Kauai, on vacation and we are definitely on “hawaiian time”, meaning ” whenever”, or “just relax”. The one thing I am NOT mindfully connected to here is the time.  I don’t know what day it is or what time it is, nor do I care.  I have moved nicely into “hawaiian time” and without being tied to the actual date or time, I know it is time to write my Aloha Friday blog, I know I wake up and have coffee, take a walk and then start the day with whatever activity we have an inkling to do. Since my Aloha Friday blog is about connection, I am letting my body and mind connect to its’ own rhythm, the way it used to be when we rose with the sun, ate when hungry and went to bed when tired. I have altered the routine a bit, adding “brewski” time as we head back to our plantation cottage porch, soaking in the last vestige of afternoon sun while wondering what and where we will eat tonight. We also do not quite go to bed at dusk, leaving the evening hours to connect with my family, my “ohana” as we weave through our genealogy that leads us back to the King of Kauai under King Kamehameha’s rule. Just when we think we have heard all the stories of our own version of The Descendants, someone else finds a document or letter or piece of history that adds to the legacy of our ohana.  So yes, time flies faster when on vacation but in Hawaii, we take life a little slower, a little more mindful and we connect with what we need physically, mentally and spiritually.  This Aloha Friday,  I invite you to NOT mind the time. Let your mind/body guide you this weekend and let it connect you with the timelessness that can exist when you are in touch with the Aloha Spirit.