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A Mindful Tropical Feast


It’s Mindful Monday and here in Hawaii, it is easy to appreciate and mindfully take in the feast for the eyes as we gaze upon waterfalls and mountain ranges to one side and beautiful ocean vistas on the other.  In between, here on the North side of Kauai there are farms aplenty, growing the tropical fruit trees, vegetables and organic meats that are offered in most restaurants.  Kauai was one of the first places to demand  and pass GMO labeling and there are NO GMO signs everywhere. I love it!

A beautiful farm called Common Ground offered a culinary feast for brunch. Their menu offered such delectable eats as the Breakfast Burrito with scrambled egg, raw cheddar cheese, roasted vegetables, crispy purple sweet potato, all topped with fresh salsa. Splitting that, we also ordered the gluten free acai pancakes smothered in fresh mangoes and with of course real maple syrup. I opted for their home made chai since I already had had my local coffee earlier.  My husband enjoyed the  locally grown and roasted coffee. We ate al fresco among the gardens and looking at the mountains. Incredible. Talk about mindful dining. Every bite was savored and enjoyed.

The 60’s are alive and well here on the North Shore. Aging “hippies” have grandchildren now and just like in the day, they are adorned with beads, long hair, skirts with pants underneath.  Embroidered cloth bags hang on mama’s shoulders.  Grandpas have long grey ponytails, Grandmas long grey braids or long flowing locks.  They farm the land, make beautiful crafts, music and eat real food. It is a mindful way of life here and we catch ourselves wanting to come back, volunteer in the gardens and live this beautiful simple life in the islands. And then we pull ourselves back in the moment, sipping our coffee and chai and savoring this special place. We set the intention to continue and mindfully eat our local foods in this manner,  remembering where it came from, the hands that cultivated the soil, planted and harvested these beautiful foods and then so lovingly prepared it. This Mindful Monday, what foods do you long to grow in your garden or buy at a local farm and then prepare a beautiful meal with? Set the intention this week to eat at least one mindfully prepared meal and savor not only the taste but in addition,  the history of where and how it came to your table.  Allow your tastebuds to  let your mouth  and your mind water at how delectably we can feed our tummies and our souls.

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