Through the Eyes of a Child

photo 1It’s Mindful Monday everyone!

This past week I had the honor and absolute joy to be with my eight-month old granddaughter and a few days later, my two year old great nephew.  I saw a Giant Panda,  a Zebra, an Elephant, many little Monkeys and other animals through the eyes of  my grand-daughter who was seeing them for the first time.  I love looking at animals too but I was transfixed by her reactions  even more.  What a reminder to live and experience the mindfulness that resides in a young child’s eyes.  Today we took our great-nephew, who is a train freak,  on a 15 minute Amtrak ride to a train station/pizza parlor with model trains running to boot! Well, that was the most mindful ride I have ever taken.  Each scene from the seat by the window was narrated by our delightful two year old and we were able to point out things along the way as well. The fifteen minutes went by in a flash but the memories will last a lifetime for him. To see his face was priceless.

Raising our children was pure joy and to have the chance to experience the world through the next generation’s eyes is being able to know that love all over again. Children bring you into the moment and everything else falls away. For this Mindful Monday, what will you see this week through another’s eyes to bring you to a moment of pure joy? What does your spirit  need to pay attention to today?