Aloha Friday, Music Legacies

Happy Aloha Friday everyone!

      This Aloha Friday,  take a  look and listen to the music of your childhood, your culture and what binds you to your spirit. The connection I have to my Hawaiian culture abounds with the lilting voices of song, the beat of the ipo or gourd, the sound of the slack key guitar and the visual dance of hula. Listening to  Hawaiian music takes me  back to my roots, caresses me, soothes my soul, and lifts my spirit. This special Aloha Friday, I will don my Aloha wear, no matter the temperature here on the East Coast and see and hear one of Hawaii’s popular contemporary Hawaiian groups, HAPA, in concert, LIVE. You many listen to one of their songs from uTube by clicking on the link.

 What song or music of your past will you listen to today? While taking you back, allow it to bring you to the present, connecting it with your heart and spirit. Listen for and feel how the music can gift your soul.  Aloha. 


  1. Will Morris says:

    Wonderful thoughts on a Friday – I love the idea of bringing the past into the present.

  2. Lisa Morris says:

    What a great way to embrace the past and enjoy in the present.

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