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5659014_keep_calm_and_seek_a_health_coachAloha all,


As some of you may know, I have been a lifelong student of Mind/Body connections, Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, and Natural Healing. I am excited to share with you that I have now decided to bring all my passions together and I have become a Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

When I started my “cOMe hOMe to OM” blog a couple of years ago, I invited you to begin the week with a Mindful Monday intention for a good week – choosing something from your everyday life to inspire, create joy and mindful awareness. At the end of the week, I shared Aloha Friday musings that would speak to connecting yourself to your body, mind and spirit that in a unique way generating gratitude, a zest for living and love into your life. My writings sought to integrate a thread of Aloha, philosophy of love, beauty of nature and connection to spirit that motivated my sense – and hopefully your sense – of well-being.

Growing up in Hawaii, I was blessed to experience the Aloha spirit that permeates through the people, the beauty of the environment, the respect for nature and our Hawaiian heritage. This spirit appears in our spoken and unspoken words and in the language of our hearts. It is the welcOMing sound of aunties, uncles, tutus and ukuleles, the smell of intoxicating flowers, the feel of cool waterfalls and mist upon our sun-drenched skin – that together have inspired my passions and created my purpose and mission –

“To help others find the Aloha in their hearts, minds and spirit – leading to wholeness, well-being and transformation.”

 My desire to assist others in becoming the best version of themselves is the focus of my coaching. I concentrate on weight loss, increased energy, stress management and habit change so that healthier behavior emerges from your desire. Teaching people to use their own intuition to guide them towards better choices for themselves is the fun part. Most people know that they SHOULD do something do to get what they want, they just don’t always know WHAT or HOW to do it. Here’s where coaching can be so instrumental for change. Health coaching offers the right system, support and accountability needed to affect change. I am part cheerleader and part tough love Sherpa – offering a non-judgmental experience to keep you on track towards your goals while having fun along the way.

If what you have tried in the past has not worked, or offered only temporary results, simply to drift away, yet you would still like to become the person you desire, consider a free hour coaching session. I guarantee that I will have you walking away with at least one AHA moment. Interesting, AHA is an integral part of AloHA. It is because when you realize there is a way to become the person whom you have always envisioned – a space opens up for the heart and the spirit – the Aloha Spirit – that has always been there to guide you – just waiting for your AHA.

I invite you to cOMe, find your center and the key to ultimate well-being that has always resided within you. Together, let’s find what is stopping you or slowing you down from this magical discovery. Please message me ( to schedule your free consultation, a $75 value and let’s begin the transformation!

Mahalo and Aloha, Ceseli



Ushering in a New Year


ho'ponopono imageIt is Aloha Friday everyone and I am reposting a piece that I have edited for this year. As we begin a new month tomorrow, we also will be starting the Jewish High Holidays on Sunday evening as the weekend comes to a close. Take a moment as we start a new season, a new year and a new month to cleanse your inner landscape and start anew. Reconnect with an old friend, start a new body/mind/soul practice and experience the soul of the season that invites us to be mindful of change and renewal.

Rosh Hashanah has for many years been a mixed blessing of a holiday for me.  It starts with joyous food, apples and honey, challah baked with love and blessings for a sweet and healthy New Year.  The period ends with erev Yom Kippur, an evening of rushed early dinners and plenty of water before the fast and a rush to the synagogoue so as not to miss Kol Nidrei, the most beautiful service of the week.  The lilting melody is a mindful recognition of the solemnity of the day to come where most of the day is spent in prayer and heartfelt cleansing of the year’s soul.   We fast and are reminded to be hungry for peace, hungry for compassion, hungry for empathy, hungry for a better year and a better future.  We repent for collective misdeeds and atone for them as well.  I am reminded of the Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono where the prayer is, “ I am Sorry, Please Forgive me, I love you. Thank you.”    I choose to use this as my prayer to myself, my loved ones and the world around me.  It is also a time where any loss is acutely felt, whether it was a long ago loss or a recent one.  For a couple of decades, I am reminded on this day of loved ones passed, a miscarriage of a longed for third child that occurred right before Rosh Hashanah so many years ago. Two years ago I stood for Mourner’s Kaddish for the first time after losing my dearest Mama that summer.  It will be an emotional prayer this year, a personal reminder of deeply felt loss.  It may debride the scab formed on my heart, break it open and I will feel the pain of grief once again.  Then as we move through the service of putting the year behind us and readying ourselves for dusk and sealing the Book of Life for the year, I will feel spent but mindful that life always begins anew and the blessings of love continue to shower my growing family and friends.  I will break the fast, drink a little wine and fall into deep slumber, knowing I always do the best I can and I will continue to pursue the gifts life gives to my soul and share them with others. May you be inscribed in the Book of Life for a happy, healthy and fulfilling year.  L’shana tova.


A Mindful Leap!

Woman-LeapingHappy Leap Day on this Mindful Monday morning! Today only comes around every four years so it sets itself apart from our usual calendars.  This special addition to the year allows us a extra day to pause and be mindfully grateful.  We can use the metaphor of this leaping image to set a new intention for the week and/or year. This past weekend I attended an Integrative Healthcare Symposium where researchers in the fields of Functional Medicine shared with us how the paradigm of treating the Whole patient has taken a leap forward in treating the unwell.  New research in genetics, epigenetics and the microbiome in our guts are showing enormous healing, especially in chronic conditions such as Cancers, Cardiovascular disease, Alzheimers, Autism, Hormonal Disorders, Diabetes, IBS, Crohns, Gerd, Chronic Fatigue and on and on. And the wondrous, amazing, cheap treatment for all of these is….FOOD! Yes, REAL FOOD continues to be the best medicine to heal our guts and many of the conditions that have turned into chronic multi-symptom states of unbalanced health.  Food is the code that can drive our genetic expression to heal or hinder us. Every bite we “GET” to put into our bodies communicates to every cell within us. It is pretty amazing to think we can control our diet to “talk” our cells into reducing inflammation and designing the beautiful environmental hOMe it needs to thrive! What a leap! Empowering ourselves to reverse the effects of antibiotics, sugar, junk food, smoking, sedentary lifestyles and disconnection to our bodies can be done by FOOD! Imagine that.  Prebiotics and Probiotics can help first by healing the gut that in turn can communicate with neurons and hormones that affect every function in our bodies. Combining the healing power of foods and supplements with social and spiritual support, exercise and movement, good sleep and relaxation can enhance our whole being.  We have the power to LEAP into our best selves. What will you jump into this week to set the intention of a healthier YOU? Feed your body and your soul with what it craves to tell you. Make it a great week. Aloha.

What Resolution?


Sunset at the Beach House 2015

 Happy New Year everyone! As we head into the last evening of the year, I am grateful for all beings who shared themselves with me during the year as well as the travels I made hOMe, some to other places and some to inner places. I have no resolution for 2016 but I continue to be part of the revolution, to leave a legacy of love and to help this world be a better, loving place by simply being myself.  I will continue to birth a new consciousness as a spiritual mid-wife as I explore more ways to feel the sense of wholeness and share it with others. I will listen to my inner guide, as St. Benedict says and be more present with the “ear of the heart”. I want to accelerate the revolution by clarifying my calling, being passionate about dreams and books and feeling more awake. As Charles Eisenstein says in his book, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible,
The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible (Sacred Activism)
by Charles Eisenstein 
Link:  I will be mindful to raise my own vibration as “every revolutionary act of love even the smallest, most private action, raises the vibration of the planet and changes the world.” Happy New Year everyone, bring your intentions forward and your may your connections to all things beautiful and loving manifest in a wondrous 2016. Aloha.

Beginning Anew


Thirty six years ago today, Peter finished his fellowship at Tufts New England Medical Center by being on call one last night. We had already moved to the little shipbuilding town of Noank where we had rented a house. I stayed for a week by myself trying to clean a really filthy house.  But that day, I couldn’t wait for him to get there. I went to the train station in Mystic, where our new life would begin anew. At long last, the train arrived and there he was jumping off the train straight from work, still in his blue scrubs, only a backpack and carrying a dozen red roses.  What a most romantic start to our new life in Connecticut. Here we would start a Cardiology and a Nursing practice, marry, raise a son and a daughter and grow into ourselves as adults.  The years raced by, we sent our children off to college, became empty nesters and to our ultimate joy, became grandparents to a beautiful little girl.

Today marks another July 1 much like the one so long ago. The end of Peter’s participation in the hospital and practice as he has known it has arrived.  No more call, no more weekends.  And just like his last night at NEMC, he spent the last night of practice on call.  Signing out by phone this morning, he is officially done.  Next week, he will continue to do what he loves most, care for patients in the office only part time.  We again mark this day by beginning anew.  We again are separated, me being here in Virginia to celebrate our granddaughter’s second birthday. He will arrive today, not by train but by plane and I will be waiting for him with great anticipation and joy as we begin anew once again, only this time I will be holding our granddaughter to greet him as well. Life is so damn good.

Hearts continue to blossom into Spring…

Heart shaped flowerHappy Aloha Friday everyone! As Heart and Valentine month come to a close and March signals the promise of spring, keep your heart centered practices strong! We can use a day or a month to bring awareness to any dis-ease or upset to our homeostatic state but the heart remains our center of gravity as we continue to navigate through the rest of the year, day by day. Remaining or attaining wholeness is  a daily practice that not only keeps our body at its optimal functioning but our mind and spirit in top shape as well.  Let the beginning of March, whether it comes in like a lion or not, start the breath of fresh air to our psyches. Think of new beginnings, little seedlings sprouting, pussy willows popping out, snow drops bursting out as soon as the snow melts. The time for growth is always now but let these beautiful promises of spring in the natural world echo our own new fresh starts.  Paint a room and make it a meditation room, fresh but tranquil. Or refurbish something you already have and give it new life by changing its color or arrangement. Get out and notice what might be rising out of the depths of winter, walk in the fresh air and plan a new route to build new neurons, write or call an old friend and make plans to get together this summer. Heart hugs are always welcome as is the spirit of ALoha. Make it a great weekend and let’s be thrilled it’s March!!!  ALoha!

Wear Red with Aloha

wear redIt is Aloha Friday, Wear Red for Women’s Heart Health Day and My husband’s Birthday so it is full of the love spirit!  As we head into another weekend of winter weather here in the East, our family will gather together once again, this time to celebrate a new life, a beautiful baby boy born February 4 to my niece Sonnet. He will be joining his Big Brother Max and Daddy Sam and we will all be there to be the Welcoming Aloha committee to the newest member of the Fisher ohana, now led by Patriarch Papa, aka Kenneth aka Great=Grandpapa! We will celebrate life, marking milestones,  “birth”days, new beginnings as my healer of hearts looks forward to more free time, the sageing of the elders and the spiritual integration that comes from the wisdom of years.  Our life has been witness to disloyal, disrespectful and mean spiritedness in the last few months and days and I am so proud of my husband for being a “mensch”, a healer whose calling has brought him so much joy, love and respect amongst his patients and hospital staff.  He is a beloved member of  the community and will continue to serve in his favorite way, caring for patients and doing what is right by them.  He is a man of truth, integrity and love for his family and his patients.    Today I will wear red, to bring awareness to Heart Health for all of us and in more ways than one.  The heart is our center, our seat of love and connection, a resting place for our soul.  It  represents love and compassion for ourselves and for others.  It bridges and connects  the gap between us all . As we move into having more time for own hearts to learn and grow,  “sageing” together, we set the intention to seek adventures that await us, time with family, expanding our love and having fun!  This Aloha Friday, wear Red, embrace your heart, listen to it,  say thank  you to it for it’s ever healing potential and begin a Valentine filled week with heart centered meditations, bringing love and aloha to yourself and to the world.  Make it a great weekend.

A New Year, A New Mindful Intention.

      Happy New Year everyone! The blog has been down for several weeks as I weaved in and out of the emotions following a holiday without my beloved mama.  I have taken hold of the new year now and am ready to begin my intention after a session of Treasure Map making.  Our local wellness and healing center, the Center for Healing Therapies provides a women’s healing circle once a month and in January, we toss out the idea of resolutions and instead make a treasure map or vision board.  This project centers around intention and what you might call forth for the year.  If it is not in your present consciousness, looking at images, words, landscapes and visions in magazines will be your clue to what invites you to ways of what might guide you to wholeness.  This year, the center of my board represents my intention of  being present, practicing mindfulness and returning hOMe, both literally and spiritually.  I  continue to be acutely aware of  the short length of linear time as loved ones pass, a spouse approaches retirement from a full time career,  another birthday approaches, a grandbaby grows by leaps and bounds  right before my eyes and the yearning to connect with friends near and far accelerates.  As always, Aloha spirit is on the board and “teach Aloha” has appeared along with a beautiful little hawaiian girl, stringing a lei of intentions and expressing pure joy amongst the petals that surround her.  And that is my simple wish for this year, be present, be joyful and be Aloha. I invite you to try this fun and intuitive project and  put it where you will see it every day.  Connect to your inner guiding light and find what brings you hOMe.  Aloha.

Healing Thank Yous.

only-prayerIt is Mindful Monday everyone and as we all get busy with our holiday week preparations and plans with family and friends,  try to stop, take a breath and be mindful of the true meaning of Thanksgiving.   I for one, am grateful for all that makes me feel whole.  I am thankful for all the family, friends, colleagues, Facebook friends, mentors and soul brothers and sisters that are healers in my life.  For those who know me, I have written many times about the healing ways of the world and the opportunity that exists for everyone to be a healer.  There isn’t a business, place,  profession or person that does not hold the ability to spread Aloha spirit, share loving kindness and help each other to feel whole.  Healing happens when one is treated with love, respect, kindness and gratitude. There are many in healthcare that have forgotten what healing is and there are many who may offer their health services but are not healers.  Treating your friends, colleagues, businesses, pets and family members  is no different than giving patients the love and attention they need to heal.  The stresses of work, relationships and life try to keep us from knowing why we are here, to love and be loved.  So simple but so powerful.  This Thanksgiving, bring your awareness to your healing capacity to others.  Saying a kind word, smiling at a stranger, giving hugs, respecting each other and showing gratitude for their contributions, and being mindful of how and what you say to others can be the most powerful medicine in the world.  We are all healers.  Make someone’s day this week, say Thank You as much as you can. ” If the only prayer you ever say is Thank You, it will be enough”.  Have a wonderful, beautiful healing holiday!

Be Aloha.

DivinePeaceLabyrinth1It is Aloha Friday everyone and it has been quite a week as the country’s elections clearly have had change on their minds. Today’s Facebook postings that stand out and speak to me involve healing, wholeness and at the same time wonderment at the lack of “doing the right thing”.  As I continue to read Marianne Williamson’s book about healing the soul of our nation,  I feel increased awareness and sensitivity to the absence of such healing taking place in so many genres.  Congress instead of looking to advancing the health of the nation,  vow to undo what the nation so desperately needs: healing.  When is the kindergarden mentality of government going to grow up and move forward? When a 90 year old man feeds hundreds of homeless people and gets arrested for “doing the right thing”, something is desperately wrong.  If this action is not a metaphor for what needs healing today, I don’t know what is.  How does one individually and collectively ignore their inner guideposts?  Their guiding light? Their moral compass?  Waking up America from its’ spiritual slumber is the task for today. What actions can you take that will be healing today?  Will you tell a co-worker or colleague how treasured they are? How invaluable their wisdom and hard work has taught you how to be a better person? Can you make a statement, a motion or an action that comes from a loving heart?  If you do, miracles happen.  Healing happens and surprisingly it happens to the giver. Let’s begin to feel what it is like to be a healing nation where people actually care about what happens to each other with no limitations or boundaries.  Together we can use Aloha Spirit in a much bigger way.  Share the love today, with your lovies, your co-workers, your communities, your nation and the world. Let your inner goodness prevail.  As I always taught my children, what goes around, comes around. Make it a great weekend.  Be Aloha.

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